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Marketing and advertising on Twitter can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming. The Advolv self-serve platform provides Insight, Content, Growth and Impact, for busy professionals and resource-constrained SMBs who rely on Twitter to drive traffic, improve SEO rankings, generate leads and build influence/credibility.


BidFoundry is a specialized online retail and auction platform that connects qualified buyers of investible collectibles with trusted dealers and auction firms through targeted marketplaces.


Bluink provides an Enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform that uses smartphones as the authentication token, to deliver unprecedented ease of use, security and control of access to enterprise systems and applications.


Buildmetric is a deficiency management platform used by home builders to minimize the financial risks associated with construction related defects.


CareerJSM licenses software to university and colleges to help their students manage their job search. The technology allows students to track every job they apply to on any hiring resource, and manage their entire job search in the CareerJSM (Job Search Management) platform. University and College partners get access to administrative features to deliver unique educational content to their students, while getting access to unprecedented insights and metrics about their students job search, empowering institutions to analyze program outcomes with real­time data analytics. The first release of their software, launching across Ontario this month, will have over 70,000 users at twenty partner institutions.


Physicians are paid on the basis of serving patients. If patients no-show, physicians lose potential revenue and time. Cliniconex is a patient reminder and survey solution that integrates with popular electronic medical records (EMR) solutions to assist in patient scheduling. The product is in the market today and serves over 1,000 physicians.


EssayJack is an interactive web-based application that pre-structures essays for students, reduces writing anxiety, and allows for educator customization and feedback.


FileFacets is a hosted classification-attribution-migration SaaS solution that allows users to quickly and easily design classification structures, metadata taxonomies and retention schedules in an easy to use graphical interface. FileFacets provides detailed reporting on your file repository which users can use to identify and remove duplicates and trivial files, classify content using advanced Auto-Categorization tools, apply rich metadata and even run defensible disposition processes on your shared drive prior to migration. FileFacets has been used to process over 150 million files for some of the largest organizations in the world.


Fitchek is a fully automated transactional marketplace and management platform that seamlessly connects local health & fitness service providers with more customers.


Hangry is the fastest way for students to get food on campus. Campus cafeterias must serve thousands of students all within a short window between classes. Hangry eliminates waiting by enabling students to order and pay in advance, so that their food is ready when they arrive.


Intelocate optimizes retail supply chain management execution and collaboration to deliver increased profitability and a remarkable store experience. Intelocate replaces legacy communication channels, reducing employee effort while increasing operational capability.


InvataCloud specializes in Adobe Connect managed hosting along with support for your Learning Management System (LMS), whether it’s Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, or Desire2Learn we have you covered. We offer hosting in the US and Canada to comply with any government regulations.


LeadFox gives marketers the tools to take control of their web campaigns without IT: Landing Pages, Popup, Forms, Email Marketing, Marketing Automations, CRM.


Lurniture is an intelligent, video SaaS platform that LevelJumps employees. Modern sales teams reduce onboarding time, accelerate performance ramp and increase win rates with Lurniture’s mobile capture, smart curation and on demand delivery of bite-size, peer to peer videos in CRM.


Member365 is an all-in-one membership management platform that provides organizations with a modern cloud based solution to run their operations, drive membership engagement, and increase revenue.

Mydoma Studio

Mydoma Studio is a customizable eDesign portal for interior design professionals to collaborate with their clients and manage projects. It was built by designers for designers. Designers often rely on inefficient or poorly suited tools for project management and client communications. The time lost directly impacts their business capacity and profitability.

Mydoma gives interior designers the ability to “productise their services” by using technology to disrupt the existing cost to serve models. Their tools include digital contract signing, messaging center, product catalog creator, shopping list creator and mood board creator.


Optimity is a data-driven B2B SaaS business that helps organizations dramatically improve employee engagement and wellness. We have achieved and sustained the industry’s highest participation and engagement: 54-98%. Our award- winning tech platform uses customizable mobile apps and wearables to aggregate data and retarget high-risk segments to reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes and depression.

Portia International

Portia International offers a SaaS Learning Management solution for the autism and developmental delay clinical-care market.
 Portia enables clinic owners to deploy best practices in their businesses to improve productivity, consistency of care, and clinic capacity.


ProcedureFlow is an employee’s Single Source of Truth. Visual map of complex operating procedures and information presents easy to follow step-by-step instructions structured into small, hyperlinked flowcharts. We’re the GPS of your company Standard Operations Procedures.


How do you track time keeping of your employees and contractors in an easy way using mobile, and then build time sheets and a simple flow to pay these employees? Punchtime is an easy to use, accurate, time-tracking solution, targeting employers who use old-fashioned time sheets or systems that have an unnecessarily complicated process to time tracking.


Qarrot provides a configurable audience engagement platform that enables companies to better understand, recognize, and motivate customers, employees, or channel partners using a combination of gamification, social referral, and digital rewards to drive target behaviors.


Quickily is a mobile first, HR software platform targeting millennials and allowing them to use swiping left or right features (a la Tinder) to apply for jobs and once filtered, communicate through an interview messaging platform, cutting the time of recruitment.

Renewity RMA

Renewity RMA™ is a 7-year-old company that was built around a customer’s need to have help desk software that specialized in returns management. Stephen McNally, the Founder & Chief Platform Officer, is a serial entrepreneur who has had a previous successful exit. The company’s product, Renewity RMA, operates in a SaaS model and has processed over 1,000,000 RMAs to date for name brand customers like Panasonic Industrial Devices, Bridgewave and Instantel. Customers have achieved up to a 66% decrease in turnaround times, the most important metric in the RMA world.

The Better Software Company

The Better Software Company offers a fully integrated Small Business Software solution to help owners Improve and Simplify their entire business, using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Integrated features such as CRM, scheduling, billing & invoicing, reporting & analytics and inventory management offer small business owners the simplicity and ease of use that will save time. The software is configured to service small and medium sized enterprises in a diversity of vertical markets such as Rentals, Service, Retail, and E-Commerce. Developed by an Ottawa-based serial entrepreneur, Steve Cody has started 15 local and national businesses in the service, rental, e-commerce and retail markets which have generated over 250 million in sales. After experiencing firsthand the pains of managing multiple spreadsheets and business applications, Steve established a real need to develop a fully integrated one business, one solution for small business. As a result, The Better Software Company was founded.


TitanFile is the easiest and most comprehensive way for professionals to communicate and share files with each other and their clients in total security.


VigilantCS is a staff regulatory risk management platform which supports financial service firms in managing compliance and decreasing cost through automation of regulatory requirements, digitizing data and supporting the development of conduct risk analytics.


Marketing organizations have limited control over website content due to dependencies on technical teams or third parties. As such, site content fails to keep pace with other channels such as search, social, and email. With the majority of online transactions taking place on the website, this disconnect results in lost conversions and lower site engagement. Webstage offers a cloud based service for delivering personalized website content. WebStage augments any e-commerce platform and empowers marketers with a tool that removes the dependency on technical teams, website coding and updates.


WORX Inc. provides the Productiiv hybrid cloud platform that allows manufacturers of complex products to maximize the financial return of a product over its lifetime by enabling the effective, rapid and low cost collaboration between all resources be they internal or contractors.


ZINation facilitates flexible, outbound merchandising of goods from within an e-commerce storefront.

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