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The L-SPARK Accelerator is the destination for enterprise SaaS and cloud startups to connect with Canada’s SaaS experts and propel their revenues to $100k MRR or 10x revenue growth.

We work with founders of B2B SaaS companies who:

  • Are ready to scale up with the help of investment
  • Want to transition from a services to a SaaS company
  • Have deep domain expertise but lack experience in scaling a software company
  • Are passionate about building a software product that will change the way our world operates
  • Advolv
  • BidFoundry
  • Bluink
  • Buildmetric
  • careerJSM
  • Cliniconex
  • Cybeats
  • energyX
  • EssayJack
  • eyesover
  • FileFacets
  • Fitchek
  • Hangry
  • Heyday
  • Iamsick
  • Intelocate
  • InvataCloud
  • LeadFox
  • Member365
  • Mydoma Studio
  • Optimity
  • Portia International
  • ProcedureFlow
  • PropertySpark
  • Punchtime
  • Qarrot
  • Quickily
  • Renewity RMA
  • The Better Software Company
  • TitanFile
  • Transparent Kitchen
  • UpchainXLM
  • VigilantCS
  • WebStage
  • ZINation

Since 2015, we’ve accelerated 36 SaaS startups.

L-SPARK is a community of 10,000 SaaS founders, investors, mentors and partners.

Our companies have raised over $24.5M in funding to date.

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An Intensive Nine-Month Program

We think in terms of actions and results. As Leo would say – Do it! If it works, double down and do it again even harder. If it fails, stop and change.

What would Leo do?

What you can expect

Don’t expect a cookie cutter curriculum but do know – our high intensity two stage program will require your full focus. Here’s how it works…


Customized Plan

This is not a cookie-cutter program. L-SPARK will work with you to create a custom plan, appropriate to your company’s specific stage, needs and opportunities. Together, we’ll develop an aggressive but realistic strategy to generate month over month growth. L-SPARK has an extensive network of experienced mentors and advisors who founders can leverage to provide guidance where and when it is needed.


Weekly Operational Reviews

Very similar to a board meeting, as a founder you will be challenged on the performance of your business. Each week you will meet with the L-SPARK team to monitor your progress, help overcome obstacles and take advantage of new opportunities. The pace is fast and the accountability demanding, but L-SPARK alumni tell us this process is important to drive significant results.


SaaS Workshops

Through intensive SaaS workshops, one on one guidance from subject matter experts, and interaction with successful SaaS entrepreneurs, you will be able to focus on what your SaaS business needs to succeed.Expect one-of-a-kind workshops that will recalibrate your company’s approach to:

  • Positioning & differentiation
  • Sales process
  • Investor readiness, SaaS metrics and more.


Revenue Generation

At L-SPARK, we’re all about revenue generation. We’ll work with your team on sales process and business development to help you achieve month over month growth, repeatable sales and accelerate to a target of $100K MRR by the end of the program.


Embedded Mentor

You will be paired with an embedded mentor chosen to match your specific needs. Your mentor will work with you and your team hands-on, side by side for two days a week throughout the entire duration of the program to help execute on your plan – not just advise from a distance.


The 6% Solution

A spin on the traditional Accelerator model – L-SPARK does not take equity upfront. If you raise money during our program, or up to 12 months post-graduation, L-SPARK will receive equity in the startup proportionate to 6% of the total investment round converted into equity.

Who We Are

L-SPARK is backed by Wesley Clover, an investment management firm and holding company, chaired by Sir Terry Matthews. Wesley Clover acts as a serial Super Angel, starting companies by providing seed, early stage and follow-on financing.

A proud member of the Alacrity Global ecosystem

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In the Press

L-SPARK and our portfolio have been featured in leading publications.

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Are you ready to shift your startup’s focus to revenue generation?

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