L-SPARK x SAAS NORTH   The origin story

In 2015, the L-SPARK team attended to SaaStr in San Francisco, and while we were there, we couldn’t help but notice the strong Canadian presence, with many founders from Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal in the mix. This got us thinking, “Why don’t we have something like this back in Canada?” So, in true L-SPARK fashion, we decided that if it didn’t exist, we should create it – and that’s how the idea for SAAS NORTH was born.

We put our heads together and joined forces with Cube Business Media, and other local CEOs, to talk about setting up the first SAAS NORTH conference, which was scheduled for later that year. Despite the odds, the steering committee team somehow managed to pull it off in record time. The first conference brought in more than 600 attendees and laid the foundation for what would become an annual event. Fast forward to 2025, and we’ll be celebrating SAAS NORTH’s 10th year!

Are you attending SAAS NORTH this year? Make sure to say hi to the L-SPARK team and our current cohort of founders!

L-SPARK Founders at SAAS NORTH 2023

Looking to connect with the founders in our current cohort? You may have met some of them on the floor at SAAS NORTH 2023! Learn more about our full portfolio here. 

State of SaaS

Each year on day 1 of SAAS NORTH, L-SPARK publishes the State of SaaS – a report all about, you guessed it, the state of the Canadian SaaS landscape.

Download the 2023 State of SaaS report here.