Last month we showed that Canadian firms are investing in Canadian SaaS at a ferocious rate.

We’re continuing the series this month with a look at the U.S. investors who funded Canadian SaaS companies in 2016.

We examined the total funding amounts of deals involving U.S. investors by province and which Canadian firms joined in on deals.

An infographic displaying the U.S. investment firms that funded Canadian SaaS, as well as Canadian investors who participated in those deals

Take a look at the Canadian companies who secured funding from U.S. investors in 2016: (tweet this)

Only a fraction of deals in Canadian SaaS companies involved US investors

While last year there was a deluge of U.S. investors putting money into Canadian SaaS companies, the key takeaway is that these deals only represent a small portion of overall funding activity in 2016.

Canadian and US firms are investing together

In 2016 there was a healthy amount of collaboration between Canadian investors and their U.S. counterparts, with BDC Capital, EDC Equity, iNovia, OMERS Ventures, Real Ventures and Relay Ventures being the most represented Canadian firms.

East coast investors invested more than west coast firms

Sixty-one per cent of deals involved east coast investors, further dispelling the myth that founders need to fixate on raising money in the Valley.


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