The magic of mentorship: how mentors help you navigate the road ahead

Wondering if you need a mentor for your business? You’re in the right place.

Let us paint you a picture…

Imagine having a very limited time to make a cross-country road trip. Would you do this without a plan?  Without a map? Maybe you’ll eventually get there, but maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll run out of money along the way, or give up and head back. Any way you look at it, the odds are that without the proper navigation tools, the journey won’t be that once-in-a-lifetime adventure you were craving, and you’ll instead spend way too much of your precious time backtracking, rerouting, and burning out your energy resources. You’ll end up back where you started, wishing you had done things differently. 

Building a startup is a lot like this cross-country road trip. You have limited time, and limited money, and are faced with an endless series of “forks in the road.” Which ones to take? Which ones to avoid? 

Think of mentorship as both your planning guide and your GPS. The essential resource you could be using to help you plan and navigate your startup journey. Actionable advice from people who have travelled this road before. 

Would you pass that up? 


If you’re not convinced based on our road-trip metaphor alone, here are our top 3 favourite things about mentorship, and why we feel so passionately that every startup founder needs a mentor:

Personalized Guidance

One of the greatest advantages of business mentorship is the personalized guidance and support that founders receive. Mentors can offer tailored advice, drawing from their own experiences, to address the specific challenges and goals of their mentees. This individualized approach fosters targeted growth and development, accelerating the mentee’s progress toward success. It’s not at all like taking a ‘Business 101 workshop” or a masterclass in founding a startup – this is someone who’s getting under the hood of your business and checking things out, so they can give you actionable advice based on your actual problem – not ‘the 5 most common problems startups face’. It’s not generic advice – it’s priceless wisdom applied to your own business.


Mentorship often opens doors to a broader network of industry contacts. Founders can leverage their mentor’s connections, expanding their own network and gaining access to new opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations. This extended network can be instrumental in advancing your startup.

Support + Encouragement

Entrepreneurship and business leadership can be isolating and demanding. A mentor’s role goes beyond providing advice; they also offer emotional support, empathy, and encouragement during challenging times. For many founders, this can be instrumental in their endurance and drive to see their business succeed. There is so much power in knowing you aren’t alone. 


We could go on and on about the endless benefits of a mentor for your startup, but the fact of the matter is you likely already see the value and are just having trouble finding that mentor. If that sounds like you, our program could be the perfect fit. We match our companies with expert mentors who have all led their own business before. They’ve been in your shoes and can help you navigate the journey ahead.

Don’t pass that up. Don’t be like the cavemen with the square wheels.

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