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About our Accelerator

Celebrating a decade of disruption in 2024

"After a decade of success, I am delighted to see L-SPARK continues to be an invaluable player in the tech
ecosystem supporting Canadian startups to scale effectively and compete in the global marketplace."
Sir Terry Matthews, Chairman, Wesley Clover International 
A decade of disruption

Who is L-SPARK?

L-SPARK is Canada's leading B2B SaaS Accelerator. Driven by an unwavering dedication to innovation and entrepreneurship,
L-SPARK was born to provide aspiring founders with the resources and support necessary to thrive in today's competitive market. Launched in the heart of Canada's Largest Technology Park and fuelled by the support of Canadian tech champion Sir Terry Matthews and the Wesley Clover ecosystem, L-SPARK aims to empower and strengthen the Canadian startup community, fostering home-grown success stories.

Today, the L-SPARK SaaS Accelerator program spans coast to coast providing Canadian companies across the country access to leading support and the necessary tools to scale and grow. No matter where in Canada your startup is located, L-SPARK is here to help fuel your dream.

Meet the team

“We're always asking ourselves, 'Will this provide value to our founders?' If it doesn't, we're not interested. It's all about them, making sure we make the biggest impact we can.”

Patrick White, L-SPARK Co-Founder + Managing Director

Our Core Values


At L-SPARK, VALUE isn't just a buzzword; it's the cornerstone of our ethos. We've curated every aspect of our program to deliver maximum benefit to the founders, from tailored mentorship to access to strategic resources, ensuring that every moment spent with us yields tangible results for your business. Pat's quote above? It's not just fluffy website copy, it's something you can bet on hearing around our office daily.


DEDICATION runs deep within the veins of our team. From our passionate founders tirelessly pursuing their visions to our dedicated mentors offering unwavering support and tactical guidance, and our committed team working tirelessly behind the scenes to make it happen, everyone here is united by a shared sense of commitment. It's this relentless dedication that helps us fuel your journey toward success.


IMPACT is another guiding principle at L-SPARK. We're focused on creating a direct and tangible impact on the companies we champion. We don't just aim to inspire change; we actively facilitate it by providing the necessary tools, resources, and mentorship to empower our startups to thrive. Our mission is clear: to foster growth, drive innovation, and leave a lasting imprint on the companies we touch.

What makes L‑SPARK unique?

We're hyper-personalized to you

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No two founders will experience our program the same because instead of telling you where you need to be, we meet you where you ARE and help you get where you want to be – based on the support you need in real time. We focus on your current issues and help you move the needle. It’s strategic and ultra-personalized.

It's bi-directional

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Along with being hyper-personalized, it’s also a bi-directional program. This means the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. Kind of like the scrappier you are, the more you lean in, the more we do the same. We’re a team of enthusiastic problem solvers, and we want to help you run as fast as you can – so the more you can give us to help you do that, the more we do to help make it happen.

Our mentors have all done it before

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We pair you up with a strategic and dedicated mentor who’s been in your shoes. They’re guiding you based on learned experience, and there’s nothing more valuable than that when it comes to a mentor.

We're high touch, low volume

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We only take 6-8 companies per cohort so that we can dedicate as much time as possible with each of our cohort companies. Being able to deliver on our core values: Dedication, Value, and Impact, means having the time to devote to your growth and success. We don’t mess around when it comes to that.

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