April #SaaSChats Recap: Managing your Virtual Sales Team

We’re officially a year into this global pandemic, and we think there are a few things that are here to stay: sweatpants, sourdough, and virtual sales calls.

Spending $$ to send your sales reps on avoidable travel or pricey lunches might be a thing of the past. Do you agree, disagree? Let us know by responding to the tweets below – but one thing is for sure, this will likely be the reality for the next little while, at least.

So we chatted with some sales experts + and startup founders to get the deets on how they see it, first hand!

Meet the panel:

Let’s dive into the questions!

Pro tip: click directly on the tweet below to be taken to the thread of responses from our panel. Don’t be shy, feel free to add your thoughts as a response to the tweet!












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