The future of MedTech is here: MedTech Demo Day 2021

Today, alongside partners TELUS, BlackBerry, Solace, and CIRA, L-SPARK celebrated the FIRST cohort of our TELUS L-SPARK MedTech Accelerator Program. The eight companies that make up this cohort are building incredible technology and continue to inspire our team, giving us a glimpse at the promising future of MedTech in Canada.

The TELUS MedTech Accelerator program was created to support startups who are developing innovative Health-tech solutions using connected medical devices and builds on the success of the Secure IoT Accelerator that we ran in 2019.  

As we started to discuss Phase 2 of the Secure IoT Accelerator with our partners, TELUS, BlackBerry, and Solace, we were exploring vertical markets when the COVID-19  pandemic hit. It was because of this that we decided to focus on the health sector, in particular connected (IoT) MedTech devices that enable remote care.

CIRA, a participant in the Secure IoT Accelerator, joined the partnership to provide access to their new registration capabilities for IoT devices.

Significant development efforts by these four leading Canadian technology providers helped to create a technology platform to address the connectivity and security requirements of new connected medical devices, with the aim of enabling new remote digital health solutions to be brought to market more easily. Using innovative medical devices that leverage this secure connectivity,  caregivers and medical practitioners can deliver healthcare services to patients wherever they may be.  

Through technical and business mentorship, as well as exclusive access to the MedTech platform technology, we saw the 8 participating companies experiment, learn and grow. They have all achieved key milestones, and are poised for future success. We congratulate them all!

If you were able to attend our MedTech Demo Day, then you have an idea of the amazing accomplishments and strides that these companies have made over the course of the program. If you missed it, or if you’d like to watch these companies pitch again (and we don’t blame you), be sure to check out the event recording below! 



Chirp (watch them pitch at 48:24)

Chirp has created an ambient sensing device to remotely monitor the well-being of ageing adults.

Dispension (watch them pitch at 18:19)

Dispension is pioneering secure intelligent IoT kiosks equipped with advanced biometrics and virtual care capabilities for restricted product distribution.

HelpWear (watch them pitch at 10:42)

HelpWear has developed the HeartWatch, a continuous, wearable heart monitoring system worn on a patient’s bicep for prevention, detection and better treatment of heart-related illness.

Home Health Systems (RoweBots) (watch them pitch at 25:35)

Home Health Systems has created the SafetyPatch, a 24/7 real-time remote vital signs monitoring solution for elder care, inpatient and outpatient monitoring, and athlete safety and performance.

Hyivy Health Inc. (watch them pitch at 41:38)

Hyivy Health has created a pelvic rehabilitation device with trackable data for women who have pelvic cancers and diseases to help alleviate pelvic health symptoms after a devastating diagnosis, treatment or surgery.

LocateMotion [SenSights.AI] (watch them pitch at 33:56)

LocateMotion is a health intelligence startup, with a device-agnostic, AI-powered platform, SenSights.AI, that enables real-time telehealth services, predictive wellness insights, and innovative care models for seniorcare.

NERv (watch them pitch at 1:00:00)

NERv’s diagnostic system employs proprietary sensing technology to detect post-operative complications at their onset, initially focusing on detecting gastrointestinal leaks that can arise after general surgeries.

Qidni Labs (watch them pitch at 55:00)

Qidni Labs, Inc. is developing the world’s smallest blood purification system that would provide home-based dialysis for patients with kidney failure and provide convenient access to treatment for the millions of patients who currently do not have access to dialysis.

If you’d like to be put in contact with any of these founders or companies, please reach out to us at We’d love to introduce you!

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