Say Hello to L-SPARK's 9th SaaS Accelerator Cohort

We are thrilled to welcome 6 new startups as part of our 9th SaaS Accelerator cohort!

Throughout the next 6 months, the founders will receive mentoring and technical support tailored to their business through a mix 1:1 mentorship and learning sessions from L-SPARK’s network of experts + advisors.

Meet the companies who make up our 9th cohort: is a verification tool used to instantly verify the academic status of millions of college and university students and faculty in addition to military personnel, and public service workers worldwide. is a privacy-first company that has built a better academic verification service using cutting edge authentication technologies that stop fraud, reduce friction, boost sales and conversion rates, and increases compliance.


Today, data scientists are using homegrown solutions by combining open-source libraries and manual labour to extract and transform unstructured data into their data warehouses.

Novacene automates the process of turning raw unstructured data into analytics-ready data. The platform integrates with existing cloud data ecosystems and uses artificial intelligence to automate curation and feature extraction tasks.

Formic AI is a deep tech AI startup building software which enables computers to understand and generate text better, faster, and cheaper than humans by allowing computers to understand language using a new approach to generalized AI.

Goodly Cloud

Goodly Cloud is a SaaS platform through which businesses can manage the complete hardware lifecycle events of mobile devices such as phones, tablets and laptops. Goodly manages everything related to mobile device hardware lifecycle management and integrates with MDM and TEMS solutions. Procurement, inventory, deployment, moves, adds, changes, repair, shipping, redeployment and destruction are all managed through Goodly.


Shippie aims to decentralize and standardize same-day deliveries in urban cities by building a same-day delivery management platform, connecting e-commerce merchants to their favourite e-commerce tools. Customers can ship, manage, and track local deliveries with their all-in-one integrations and APIs.

Oxia Initiative

Oxia Initiative helps private equity understand, measure, and track the carbon impact of portfolios with accurate data of their investees, aligned with International Standards.

As a SaaS platform, Oxia offers an automated GHG quantification process that delivers carbon footprint reports to assess an organization’s carbon inventory, while also providing an assessment of greener solutions.

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