Navigating the Legal + Financial Landscape of your Startup

This week we held our monthly #SaaSChats over on twitter @LSPARKGlobal and it was all about Navigating the Legal + Financial Landscape of your startup

If you’ve never followed along with one of our monthly chats, you’re missing out! They are fast-paced, fun, and full of informative info in QUICK + DIGESTIBLE snippets! Not to mention it’s coming from a panel of experts, but we’ll get to that in a second.

Each chat has a topic, but we find that sometimes sub-themes show themselves throughout the chat. The theme of this chat was definitely: RESOURCES. Our panelists shared toolkits, contacts, programs – all in addition to their advice and expertise! This is not a recap you want to miss, in fact I’ll go as far as saying this is one that you’ll want to bookmark! (Pro tip: scroll to the bottom of this blog for a list of all the resources that were shared during this chat!)

Let’s meet the experts behind the advice:

We’ll recap the questions below, but we encourage you to follow the link on each question to be taken over to Twitter to get the full thread of responses (don’t forget, there are tons of resources in the full thread so it’s definitely worth checking out!)

Let’s dive in:

Here are some of the amazing resources our panelists shared during this chat:

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