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Say hello to the pitching companies!

SaaS Showcase is coming up and we’re so excited for you to meet the companies pitching at this year’s event! We’ve decided to change things up this year and, based on feedback and research after…

SaaS Showcase is coming up and we’re so excited for you to meet the companies pitching at this year’s event!

We’ve decided to change things up this year and, based on feedback and research after a year of virtual events, we’ve come up with something a little different! Read more about the event + secure your spot here – but for now…

Say hello to the pitching companies + founders!

Meet Uriel Bigot, the co-founder of, a powerful solution for real estate investors looking for a single destination for all the key information needed to make informed, timely investments. With UpKy, investors can quickly assess the financing required, identify the true market value of a property, and plan an exit strategy.

UpKy is changing the game for both real estate investors and real estate agents servicing the investment community.

Follow Uriel’s journey on Twitter, LinkedIn, and at


Meet Jean-Maxime Larouche, the CEO + Co-Founder of Hippoc. 

Visual content is the new king in brand awareness. The average North American is bombarded with over 12,000 ads every day.  How does a brand stand out in all this noise? Hippoc has built a Neuro-AI platform that predicts during the design phase, two key metrics: Instant Brand Attention and Lasting Brand Recall. With Hippoc, time to market is accelerated and effectiveness of all of a brand’s visual content is optimized. Designers and marketers are now armed with predictive brand analysis software that was created by a team of neuroscientists (you read that right!)….and it does it in seconds!

Follow along on LinkedIn and at

Factually Health 

Meet Lina Forcier, CEO + Co-Founder (with a PhD in Epidemiology!), of Factually Health.  

There is no lack of medical information on the web.  But how do you know what is fact and what is fiction?  Factually Health has built an AI platform that analyzes content and provides  a credibility score based on current verified medical evidence for each health related search result. Plus, they organize health information into user-friendly categories (e.g. content from forums, recognized guidelines or commercial bodies). 

With the volume of health information at our fingertips, sifting out the most credible and accurate information has never been so critical and with Factually Health, it has never been so easy!

Follow Factually Health’s journey on LinkedIn and at

Croo Gloo

Meet Gad Tisch, the Founder + President of CrooGloo. 

Coogloo is a Film + Television Production Operations Platform that centralizes data across the production supply chain, automating reporting and streamlining operations. 

CrooGloo’s digital transformation platform brings script management to a whole new level both preproduction and during production. With CrooGloo, everything is  together in one place to make sure no detail is missed and everyone stays on the same page!

Follow along with CrooGloo’s journey on Twitter, LinkedIn, and at .

(We suggest taking a look at some of the studios + productions that they’ve worked with *ahem* Schitt’s Creek *ahem*).

Nexxt Intelligence 

Meet Kathy Cheng, Founder + CEO of Nexxt Intelligence. 

Nexxt Intelligence is your go-to for qualitative consumer market research at scale. Using their product INCA, researchers, marketers and product managers will achieve critical in-depth insights on consumers at-scale. Conventional ways of qualitative market research are no longer effective. Nexxt Intelligence deploys Conversational AI based  and custom Natural Language Processing (NLP) to guide consumers through in-depth research programs, quickly and effectively. INCA can mimic in-person one-on-one interviews and the evolving nature of qualitative research providing a level of insight and volume at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional research methods.

Follow Nexxt Intelligence’s journey on Twitter, LinkedIn and at

Every year at SaaS Showcase, we invite companies from our partners to come and pitch – after all, it’s a community event and we want to showcase the local talent in this amazing ecosystem. Meet this year’s community companies!

Wellness World, uOttawa eHUB pitching company

Wellness World is on a mission to create more self-aware, resilient, and connected campuses.

They do this by making it easy for students to navigate the saturated wellness system with a recommendations tool that directs them to existing resources on campus, off campus, or online.

Read more about them here.

PoliTraQ, Queen’s University pitching company

PoliTraQ is a comprehensive Government relations management platform – helping customers design and implement advocacy campaigns, engage more effectively with stakeholders, and measure the impact of your outreach to government.

Check them out here. 

Recycle Buddy, Technovation Canada Winner

Technovation is a global tech education nonprofit that empowers girls and families to become leaders, creators and problem-solvers.

Read more about Technovation here.

Plugzio, Alacrity Canada pitching company 

Plugzio is North America’s most affordable, simple, scalable electric vehicle charging solution. Their mission is to be the path of least resistance when it comes to electric vehicle charging so driving an electric vehicle will be an obvious next choice for you.

Check them out here.

Oomple, Invest Ottawa pitching company 

Oomple is for skilled professionals offering their expertise and companies seeking professionals to fill skill gaps and accomplish important projects efficiently. Their goal is to empower companies and freelance professionals to successfully work together; wherever they may be.

Check them out here!

We can’t wait to see you at this year’s SaaS Showcase! Don’t forget to secure your spot today.

If you’d like to be put in contact with any of these founders or companies, please reach out to L-SPARK’s Community + Events Manager, Natasha, at We’d love to introduce you!


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