: List of Canadian Female Founders and Funders

There are no excuses anymore.

When someone says, “I can’t find female founders to invest in!”, send them this list.

When someone says, “I can’t find female funders to connect to!”, send them this list.

When someone says, “I can’t find qualified women to serve on my board!”, send them this list.

When someone says, “Nothing great is happening in Canada!”, send them this list!

We’re building the largest database of Canadian female founders, funders and the organizations that support them and we need YOUR help.

Lists like this are only helpful, useful and successful if they encapsulate the entire ecosystem and represent everyone so we’d love your help in populating the list.

The list is built on a Google Doc spreadsheet, which means that if you have the link in this post, you can edit it. We’d love to invite you to do just that and add yourself, your colleagues and anyone else who falls into one of three categories (founder, funder or supporting org) onto the sheet.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This database only asks for information that is already available publicly on the web and/or on Crunchbase, AngelList, etc. We do not want to make anyone feel as though their privacy is a concern. Also, we are NOT collecting e-mail addresses as we do not want people to download this and turn it into a spam list.

Will you help us create an impactful list so we can pour our support into female-led companies and help our female funders and supporting orgs do the same? If so, click here to jump to the Google Doc and populate away!

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