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BlackBerry/L-SPARK Accelerator Program

The BlackBerry/L-SPARK Accelerator Program is looking for startups with business models and technologies that align with the BlackBerry QNX product group’s technological initiatives, leveraging its embedded software platform, in next generation applications and who are focused on vehicle connected services and cloud connectivity to the vehicle.

Six companies will be selected to join the Accelerator program for four-months of intensive, one-on-one training aimed to grow and scale each company.

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Learn About the Technology Built in the First Cohort of the BlackBerry/L-SPARK Accelerator Program


    Participating in the Blackberry/L-SPARK accelerator was one of the best decisions we made for our startup, KyberSecurity. The accelerator offered us a great opportunity and experience.

    We received exceptional mentorship from a team entirely committed to our success, we were able to extend our network and to refine our strategy. We received great benefit from the high quality events organized by L-SPARK, which gave us exposure and enabled us to network efficiently with other startups, potential customers and key actors in the community.

    Moreover, we made our solution compatible with QNX BlackBerry, a safe and efficient RTOS for automotive and healthcare, which dramatically increased the value and potential of our solutions. We are very grateful to L-SPARK, Blackberry and IRAP for this amazing experience.

    Gabriela Nicolescu

    Gabriela Nicolescu
    Co-Founder of KyberSecurity

    About the Accelerator

    Companies that are brought into the Accelerator will develop a working relationship with a global corporation while also benefiting from the connections and exposure associated with being linked to a company like BlackBerry QNX.

    BlackBerry QNX will provide in kind support for participating SMEs by providing them free licenses and training to use BlackBerry QNX operating systems. These operating systems appear in everything from automobiles to medical instrumentation and are used by corporate leaders around the globe including Cisco, Siemens and General Electric.

    Additionally, company-building mentors at L-SPARK will help SMEs develop proof of concepts, Minimum Viable Products (MVP), and scaling strategies while also facilitating a frictionless relationship between the SMEs and BlackBerry QNX.

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    Startups in our accelerator program receive…

    Our primary mission is to help you accelerate your business by helping you focus on what matters!

    Custom Plan

    This is no cookie-cutter approach to business. Your plan is customized to you and will keep your objectives in mind.

    Weekly Ops Meetings

    Not sure if you’re still on track? Our weekly ops meetings keep you accountable and moving in the right direction.

    Pitch Prep

    Knowing what to include in your deck is one piece but practicing it in front of your peers and mentors is game-changing.

    Perks Program

    You’ll gain access to our startup perks programs from HubSpot, Intercom, Shopify, Google, Amazon and more.

    Demo & Pitch Days

    You’ll have plenty of opportunities to put your pitch practice to the test during our demo and pitch days.

    Office Space

    As one of our startups, you can leverage our space for you and your team. WiFi, coffee and parking included!

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    BlackBerry/L-SPARK Accelerator Portfolio

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    • Passenger AI logo
    • Evolved Vehicle Environments logo
    • KyberSecurity logo
    • Acerta logo
    • Preteckt logo
    • Bluink logo
    • Soltare logo
    • Martello logo
    • Visionary Semiconductor Inc. logo
    • Deeplite logo
    • TRAINFO logo
    • Sensor Cortek logo

    News from the BlackBerry/L-SPARK Accelerator

    Logos of sponsors including Dentons, Logan Katz, MNP, KRP Properties, BDC, RBC, Osler, Wesley Clover, Canada, IRAP-NRC, and Invest Ottawa

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