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Are you a SaaS entrepreneur with a product in market? Have you established go to market fit with approximately $10-30k MRR?

Do you believe your SaaS startup is ready for scale?

The L-SPARK program will grow revenue, infrastructure, market reach and opportunities through intensive SaaS workshops, one on one guidance from subject matter experts, and interaction with successful SaaS entrepreneurs.

Here’s how it works…

Ignition Week will be your first opportunity to meet your mentor, fellow founders and the L-SPARK team. Expect one-of-a-kind workshops that will recalibrate your company’s approach to:

  • Go to Market Positioning and Differentiation
  • Customer Success and Sales
  • SaaS Metrics
  • Investor Relations

Next you will create an effective and custom plan that will fit your company’s strategy to scale revenues and generate month over month growth. But don’t worry – you’re not alone.

To create this plan you will be paired with an embedded executive who will work alongside you, not just guide you, to reach the following milestones:

  • Refine value proposition
  • Achieve optimal sales/buying cycle and a repeatable sales process
  • Build a dashboard of metrics, including; LTV, CAC, MRR, churn, pricing
  • Address government funding programs to leverage
  • Establish financial projections in preparation for taking on investment
  • Develop a scalable customer success and onboarding process
  • Start the process of building a board of directors
  • Scaling improvements on the back-end
  • Add talent to the team that will support a scalable business
  • Execute on channel partnerships
  • Raise angel and/or venture capital investment

There will be week-by-week check in’s with the L-SPARK team to gauge the progress of your custom plan.

Throughout the program, you’ll pitch to venture capital firms, angel investors and corporate partners. These meetings will broaden your network and will help you start a dialogue about the potential of an investment or partnership.

Beyond this, you’ll constantly be receiving feedback on ways to improve your pitch – ultimately preparing you for the opportunity to pitch at L-SPARK’s marquee graduation events, the L-SPARK Best in SaaS Showcase – a community demo day celebration and the Annual Cottage Pitchfest – a private, by invitation investment event with leading Canadian & US Venture Capital firms.

Investment and Corporate Partners

  • Export Development Canada logo
  • Capital Angel Network logo
  • Google logo
  • Citrix logo
  • Rho Canada Ventures logo
  • Microsoft BizSpark logo
  • IBM logo
  • OpenText logo
  • Naavon Capital logo
  • Shopify logo
  • HubSpot for Startups logo
  • Infinite Ventures logo
  • AWS Activate logo
  • Information Venture Partners logo
  • Mistral Venture Partners logo
  • Wesley Clover logo
  • Relay Ventures logo
  • Grand Banks Capital logo
  • Mitel logo
  • OTEAF logo

But what’s in it for L-SPARK?
A spin on the traditional Accelerator model,
L-SPARK does not take equity upfront.

If you raise money during our program, or up to 12 months post-graduation, L-SPARK will receive equity in the startup proportionate to 6% of the total investment round converted into equity.

Alumni Success Stories


“With our funding, we closed our $4M round, oversubscribed and it has teed us up to maximize our potential. The day to day dollar pressure is completely taken off. I am both more relaxed and more excited than I have been in years.”

Watch the video


“Now, 12 months later, we have a legitimate edutech corporation. At any given time there are 30 different people working directly on EssayJack whether that’s sales or marketing, on the development side, the design side, the product management side. We have an operations team and content development. In the last 12 months it’s that missing piece that has started to come together.”

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“When a partner is able to sell for you and bring real volume through your company great things happen. We’ve been able to grow our user base by 10% per month and increase our revenues compared to the previous year almost 100%. Because of our partnerships we have fantastic momentum.”

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Mydoma Studio

“We’ve truly de-risked our product. I now know my product inside and out, whose going to use it, whose going to pay for it, how long they’re going to pay for it. I now have the metrics and I can take them and grow Mydoma.”

Watch the video

Ready to join the best in SaaS?

Still not sure? Meet an L-SPARK partner for office hours on our upcoming Roadshow. Contact Us

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