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The L-SPARK Accelerator is built for SaaS companies by software veterans. Through one on one mentorship, intensive SaaS workshops from subject matter experts, and interaction with successful SaaS entrepreneurs, you will be able to focus on what your SaaS business needs to succeed.

L-SPARK has designed two programs to help companies realize their goals and effect change in the enterprise world.

Where do you fit?

Foundation Program

4 months

Go from Product to Revenue to Metrics

What to expect:

  • Establish go to market fit
  • Define value proposition
  • Capture early adopters and accelerate revenue through early customer acquisitions
  • Achieve your optimal sales/buying cycle
  • Build sound corporate structure to support future growth
  • Start building necessary metrics, including growth, churn, pricing
  • Address any government programs to leverage
  • Evaluate through Financial Projections if it makes sense to take on investment

Scale Program

9 months

Go from Metrics to Scale

What to expect:

  • Build a plan that defines aggressive customer growth
  • Develop a scalable customer success and onboarding process
  • Start the process of building a board of directors
  • Scaling improvements on the back-end
  • Execute on repeatable sales process
  • Address any government programs to leverage
  • Build out the team to support a scalable business
  • Execute on channel partnerships
  • Use metrics and financial projections to understand the size of a funding round

You may have heard that we work intensely together to accelerate SaaS companies. This means a concentrated effort to grow revenue, infrastructure, market reach and opportunities. Together we can scale up your company to unimaginable heights.

We think in terms of actions and results, and not processes and effort.

Don’t expect a cookie cutter curriculum but do know – our high intensity program will require your full focus. Here’s how it works…

With several years of domain expertise, we had built a solution that could help employees adopt healthier habits in the workplace. The problem was – none of us had built a software company to operate at scale before.Immediately after being selected for the Accelerator program we were paired with a mentor, Claude Haw. Together we created a custom plan that fit our company’s strategy to scale revenues and generate month over month growth.

For the next four months we battled the highs and lows of bringing our product to market. Week-by-week we had check in’s with the L-SPARK team to gauge the progress of our custom plan. These meetings were tough. However, the regular cadence was crucial in helping my co-founder and I track the necessary metrics required for future growth.

By the end of stage one we doubled our revenues and optimized our funnel for repeatable sales growth.

Throughout the program, we pitched to venture capital firms, angel investors and corporate partners. Beyond this, we received constant feedback on ways to improve the pitch. These meetings have helped to start a dialogue about potential investment and partnership opportunities.

As a consultant in the information governance industry for over 20 years, I was ready to consolidate my years of knowledge and experience into a SaaS product but lacked the experience to take the product to market at scale.When FileFacets initially entered the Accelerator, we immediately worked with our embedded mentor, Tyler Nelson to create an effective go-to-market strategy. A new brand framework, cultivated by marketing expert Andrew Jackson allowed us to effectively capture the positioning and differentiation of our software. This, paired with countless hours spent in strategic sessions with sales process expert, Susan Englehutt resulted in a scalable channel partner/VAR strategy.

The L-SPARK Business Development team helped turn our plan into a reality. Their collective years of executive experience were key in helping us to shape the structure of the company.

Ultimately, with an optimized channel strategy, we grew our revenue from $7k MRR to over $100k MRR over the course of the nine month program. After graduating the program we closed a Series A round of $4 million.

My co-founder and I had bootstrapped Cliniconex for several years and needed external help to take the company to the next level. In the first phase of the Accelerator program we spent time understanding our customer’s buying cycle while establishing go to market fit, with the help of Susan Englehutt.This laid the foundation for establishing best practices that would align our product, marketing and sales teams. In the second phase of the program our embedded executive, Rob White, was instrumental in helping our team to establish process. We began to bring on staff who could manage the customer success and onboarding cycles. In addition, we began to track critical metrics such as CAC, LTV and churn. Once we understood what we needed to be investment-ready, we were on the right track to raise venture and closed a $500k seed round in the summer of 2016.

As we leave the second and final stage of the L-SPARK program the future looks bright. We have signed a major channel partner opening the floodgates to over 20,000 health care providers across Canada.

Investment and Corporate Partners

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  • Capital Angel Network logo
  • Naavon Capital logo
  • Wesley Clover logo
  • OpenText logo
  • Mitel logo
  • AWS Activate logo
  • OTEAF logo
  • Mistral Venture Partners logo
  • Export Development Canada logo
  • Google logo
  • HubSpot for Startups logo
  • Citrix logo
  • Shopify logo
  • Information Venture Partners logo
  • Microsoft BizSpark logo
  • Relay Ventures logo
  • Infinite Ventures logo
  • Grand Banks Capital logo
  • IBM logo

But what’s in it for L-SPARK?
A spin on the traditional Accelerator model
L-SPARK does not take equity upfront.

If you raise money during our program, or up to 12 months post-graduation, L-SPARK will receive equity in the startup proportionate to 5% of the total investment round converted into equity.

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