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Our Startups have raised $45M… are you next?

Are you a B2B SaaS company that is looking to take your scale-up to the next level? If so, L-SPARK would love to help you accelerate your growth.

The L-SPARK accelerator will help you grow your revenue, build your team, perfect product-market-fit, establish your sales channels, navigate government funding and help you get pitch ready to raise your financing round.

We achieve this through an intensive program, tactical and strategic support, relevant workshops and advisement from a dedicated mentor who will join your company one day per week.

If you’re stuck in one spot or simply looking to scale up, reach out. We’d love to talk to you.

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Startups in our accelerator program receive…

Our primary mission is to help you accelerate your business by helping you focus on what matters!

Dedicated Mentor

You’ll work with a dedicated mentor, one-day per week, who brings years of experience to the table and who is highly strategic and tactical.

Custom Plan

This is no cookie-cutter approach to business. Your plan is customized to you and will keep your objectives in mind.

Weekly Ops Meetings

Not sure if you’re still on track? Our weekly ops meetings keep you accountable and moving in the right direction.

Pitch Prep

Knowing what to include in your deck is one piece but practicing it in front of your peers and mentors is game-changing.

Perks Program

You’ll gain access to our startup perks programs from HubSpot, Intercom, Shopify, Google, Amazon and more.

Demo & Pitch Days

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to put your pitch practice to the test during our demo and pitch days.

Office Space

As one of our startups, you can leverage our space for you and your team. WiFi, coffee and parking included!

Access to SAAS North

As part of the accelerator program, you’ll be part of our L-SPARK booth at SAAS NORTH. You’ll meet investors, fellow founders and potential customers.

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L-SPARK was the perfect accelerator for us since their program is focused toward building and selling a B2B SaaS product. At Heyday, we were starting the transition from a service company to a product company when we joined the program and the very experienced L-SPARK team got behind us and guided us, on a weekly basis, toward our goals. We would have not reached our $2M seed round as quickly as we did without them. Thanks L-SPARK!

Steve Desjarlais

Steve Desjarlais
CEO Heyday

Here’s how it works…

Complete an application. Our application is the starting point for all startups that come through L-SPARK. We’ll get a better sense for where your company is at and what type of support you need most.

Applications close on August 21st. Once closed, our team will review all of the applications and invite a small group of companies to pitch to a room of selected investors and corporate partners.

On selection day, our panel will help us choose who will make it into the accelerator program. We’ll notify startups shortly afterward and the program will begin the first week of October.

Regardless of whether or not you fit the criteria for our program, we will do our best to support your startup.

Once accepted into the program, you will work with our team to create an effective and customized plan that will fit with your company’s strategy to scale revenues and generate month over month growth. But don’t worry — you’re not alone through this process!

You’ll work closely with our team who will work alongside you, not just guide you, to reach the following milestones:

  • Refine value proposition
  • Achieve optimal sales/buying cycle and a repeatable sales process
  • Build a dashboard of metrics, including; LTV, CAC, MRR, churn, pricing
  • Address government funding programs to leverage
  • Establish financial projections in preparation for taking on investment
  • Develop a scalable customer success and onboarding process
  • Start the process of building a board of directors
  • Scaling improvements on the back-end
  • Add talent to the team that will support a scalable business
  • Execute on channel partnerships
  • Raise angel and/or venture capital investment

There will be week-by-week check in’s with the L-SPARK team to gauge the progress of your custom plan.

Throughout the program, you’ll pitch to venture capital firms, angel investors and corporate partners. These meetings will broaden your network and will help you start a dialogue about the potential of an investment or partnership.

Beyond this, you’ll constantly be receiving feedback on ways to improve your pitch – ultimately preparing you for the opportunity to pitch at L-SPARK’s marquee graduation events, the L-SPARK Best in SaaS Showcase – a community demo day celebration and the Annual Cottage Pitchfest – a private, by invitation investment event with leading Canadian & US Venture Capital firms.

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About the Mentor Team

The team you’ll work with at L-SPARK have many years of experience building companies of their own as well as working inside some of the largest multinationals and everything in between. The mentor team you’ll work with is highly hands-on and focused on the tactical how-tos around:

  • Digital marketing and lead gen strategies
  • Sales, channel and customer success
  • Building out your team
  • UI/UX and other product considerations
  • Corporate financing and investor relations
  • Government relations

Our program is NOT a cookie-cutter approach to doing business. We’ll work closely with you to identify your unique plan and we’ll pull in the above, as well as other require skillsets, to ensure that your scale-up goals are being worked into your specific strategy.

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Being part of L-SPARK has changed everything for me personally and for Brokrete. The mentor team helped us structure the idea, challenge ourselves, be accountable and they gave us the specific tools and knowledge we needed to get to the next level. I learned more in this program than I’ve learned elsewhere and the value they bring to a technology company is unmatchable.

The mentors are dedicated, fun and the best in their fields. They have the channels and means to put you in front of hundreds of qualified investors and VCs and prepare you/your business to raise growth capital. We raised our first round immediately at the end of the program. I personally had one of the best experiences of my life with L-SPARK and recommend it to everyone.

Jordan Latourelle

Jordan Latourelle
CEO and Founder of Brokrete

Applications are now closed
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L-SPARK does an amazing job of bringing together superstar mentors and advisors to give their portfolio companies an unfair advantage. I think that’s a winning formula.

Aydin Mirzaee

Aydin Mirzaee
CEO of (former Co-Founder and Co-CEO of FluidSurveys)

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