virtual events, digital burnout, and other byproducts of 2020

It feels redundant to say that the event industry took a hit in 2020. We all know this. That said, it doesn’t mean that 2021 holds the same fate, or does it?

If you, much like the marketing team here at L-SPARK, are planning any type of event for 2021 – then you know, it’s not easy. In fact, I’ll go as far as saying that it’s going to be even harder than 2020. 

Stick with me here.. back in Spring 2020, we quickly adapted to the new reality we were faced with. Everything quickly either got cancelled altogether, or made the leap to a digital platform, changing and adjusting content as needed. People were frantically trying to make their events happen, and happen fast! 

In the beginning, plenty of us thought “Wow, this is great, I can attend 2 events in a day – all in my sweatpants and from the comfort of my own home – this is amazing”. Maybe, a few weeks later, that inner dialogue changed to something like ‘I’m so sick of being stuck at home, I’ll take whatever social interaction I can get’. Our schedules were packed with webinars during working hours, and zoom game nights and happy hours in the evenings. Virtual life was in full swing.

All of a sudden, it was like we all collectively burnt out. We said, enough with these half-a$* digital events and game nights, it’s the real thing or BUST! 

This was around the time that we all started to struggle with not only getting people to attend events, but getting them to stick around or attend WITHOUT having multiple other tabs open and on the go (we’re all guilty here).

So with almost a year of digital events under our belts, we should all have it down by now and 2021 should be a breeze right? Wrong. We’re now dealing with the reality that people are overwhelmed and facing digital burnout. So this year the challenge is going to be how can we innovate and change the game for virtual events. 

Give the people what they want, right?! 

We just have to figure out what that is exactly…

At L-SPARK we plan to do just that! By continuing to change things up and adjust our event strategies, we hope to give our community what they want in a virtual event and we can’t wait for you to join us along the way.

PS: Yes, this was a subtle way of hinting that we have something exciting in the works for spring! Stay tuned.

Do you have thoughts + ideas on virtual events, or are you interested in collaborating? Reach out to Community + Events Manager, Natasha Tardioli, at!

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