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Intermediate Javascript Developer

We believe that more productive and engaged job seekers will empower a more dynamic and efficient economy. We are an agile and small team, with big ambitions and expectations, we expect hard work and dedication from our colleagues. You are not an employee, you are a colleague. We demand creativity and autonomy — you will own your products and features and drive their execution. You will help build a company that will help your peers, friends, family, and fellow citizens accomplish the most important task in life: finding gainful and stable employment

Job Responsibilities

Working both independently and as part of a team, you will take ownership over the development of new features and have a voice in all stages of the development process

You will be responsible for continually learning about and applying new standards, tools, technologies and techniques that increase our speed of delivery and reduce maintenance.

You will be required to make this startup a success by investing your energy, creativity and will to succeed. We have a lot of projects on the horizon that we are excited to get in our customers hands.


You see the world through the goggles of Object-Oriented Programming.
You have a minimum of 2 years experience in at least ONE of React, Angular, EmberJS, or Meteor (or comparable major JS framework) in a production environment
You can build basic websites using HTML, CSS, & JS
You are familiar with MVC, APIs, Git, Unit Testing


Your first instinct is to check and see how other people have already solved this problem.
You like clarity; you are honest, realistic and you don’t mind pointing out the elephant in the room.
You like people, you like working with people, and people like working with you.
Fast learner
Looking for a challenging experience
Values clean code, tests, & docs
Understands technical debt

Assets if you have them. Opportunity to learn if you don’t

SQL – Postgresql
Ruby on Rails

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