#SaaSChats Recap - Virtual Events: Keeping Connected

The show must go on! (virtually, of course).

This month we chatted with event enthusiasts + experts to hear all about their experience navigating the pivot from in-person to virtual events. They shared their experience with the challenges, changes, and trends they’ve seen as a result of COVID-19. We also talked about what the future of events might look like as a result of the recent changes.

Meet the panel:

Haseeb Khawaja – Digital Marketing + Communications Lead The DMZ
Katherine Johnsen – Strategic Partnerships + Marketing Startupfest
David Tyldesley – Co-founder + Producer: SAAS NORTH Conference
Sonya Shorey – Vice President, Strategy, Marketing, + Communications Invest Ottawa
Stef Reid – Director of Marketing L-SPARK
Christine Ho – Business, Legal, + Community Affairs Dentons
Alycia Douglass – Digital Media + Community Manager Kanata North Business Association
Mike Greenwood – Co-Founder + Director Oxygen Events Ltd.
Natasha Tardioli – Community Manager L-SPARK
Kathleen Kemp – Manager University of Ottawa eHub
Kris McGlone – Head of Demand Generation Salesforce.

A big thank you to our panelists for showing up with so much energy, we’d expect nothing less from a crew of event champions.

We’ll highlight some of the responses below, but for anyone looking for event tips + tricks, both with virtual events AND with the eventual return to in-person, we HIGHLY recommend that you check out the full chat over on @LSPARKGlobal.

(Pro tip: click on the questions below to be taken directly to the thread of responses over on Twitter).

Shall we?

Q1.What is the most innovative pivot or virtual event concept you’ve seen born as a result of current restrictions?

Q2.What trends do you think we’ll see stick around long after restrictions are lifted?


Q3.What do you miss the most about in-person events? And how can we try to supplement that in this virtual world?

Q4. What do you love most about virtual events? Why?

Q5.What do you think the ‘return to in-person’ process will look like for events?

What do you think organizers will need to implement to make their in-person events a success, and what are those extra steps that will make their guests feel safe?

Q6. How can you help your virtual event stand out in the saturated world of online events right now?

How can you make sure your target audience actually sees your event?

Q7. If you had to give advice to someone putting together a virtual event for the first time, what would it be?

Q8. If you’re looking to increase audience interaction, how can you engage attendees who are often multitasking and doing other things while tuning into your event?

Q9. Free vs. Paid. Does putting a ticket price on your event cause a lower turnout? Or does it ensure that all those in attendance are serious about being there?


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