#SaaSChats recap: understanding what drives value in a digital economy

What does 2021 hold for startups + founders everywhere? No one knows, but we do know that Digital Transformation is a going to be a part of it – and if it’s not a focus of yours so far this year it probably should be! You don’t have to take our word for it.

We had a panel of 6 experts tackle a series of 9 questions over on Twitter (@LSPARKGlobal) to hopefully help fellow founders, entrepreneurs understand just how critical digital transformation is going to be – now more than ever before! Meet the panel behind the stellar advice during yesterday’s chat:

PS, yesterday was also #BellLetsTalk day, so you’ll notice that we did our best to sneak in the hashtag any chance we got! For every tweet using that hashtag, 5 cents was donated to Canadian Mental Health Programs.. just by chatting SaaS, we added $3 to the $7,958,671.75  that was raised yesterday. Every little bit counts. Thanks to our panelists and our participants for using the hashtag, we ❤️ this community!


We’ve highlighted a few answers for you below, but we didn’t include the entire chat because, what’s the fun in that? You have to check it out over on Twitter to get the full gif/hashtag/tweet experience.

Let’s dive in! Click on the images below to be taken directly to the thread on twitter to get the full chat experience (we highly recommend it!)











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