#SaaSChats Recap: Navigating the Canadian Investment Landscape

The investment landscape can be overwhelming for many founders; but what may seem like rocket science, really isn’t. Once you understand a bit more about what goes on in the mind of investors, you can walk into your investment meetings with more confidence.

This week we held our latest #SaaSChats, a one-hour Twitter chat, where we chatted about important considerations for founders who are planning to, or currently fundraising. We dove deep into topics that will help you navigate the world of fundraising.

Here’s a recap of the questions that were posed during #SaaSChats as well as a few response highlights.

Q1: Before a company starts fundraising, what should they have in place foundationally?

Q2: What are the good, the bad, and the deal breaking qualities you notice about a team of founders?

Q3: How do you assess whether an entrepreneur is coachable?

Q4: At what point do you see a product-market fit?

Q5: If a company is not able to achieve product-market fit, at what point should they decide to pivot?

Q6: If an investor has expressed interest in a startup, but has stopped responding, what should a founder do?

Q7: If a SaaS company doesn’t have a technical founder on their team, is this a deal breaker?

Q8: How much of your investment decision is based on numbers vs your gut feeling?

Q9: For founders that are thinking of, or are in the process of raising, are there any books, podcasts, blogs, or other resources you can recommend?

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