#SaaSChats Recap: Marketing Through a Global Pandemic

Leave it to a group of marketing fanatics to bring serious ENERGY and INSPIRATION to #SaaSChats. This might go down in the #SaaSChats hall of fame as an all-time-fave chat. No, we don’t actually have a hall of fame… but OH if we did, this month’s chat would be there!

The unofficial word of the chat was, without a doubt: empathy. It’s a key piece in marketing through a global pandemic, but we won’t spoil the highlights for you. Check out the endless nuggets of advice in the threads below!

Meet the panel:

Also, a special shoutout to our panelist Riaz Sidi over at Sidi.io for sparking some serious #SaaSChats inspo with his Sidi.io Playlist – throw it on in the background for some uplifting tunes. We’re totally inspired and we’ll be launching a #SaaSChats playlist that we hope will become the official soundtrack for #SaaSChatters everywhere!

Enough about us, let’s see what the panelists had to say!

(Pro tip: click on the questions below to be taken directly to the thread of responses over on Twitter).

Q1. In light of COVID, how have you adapted your message and key differentiators to provide value to your customers and prospects in a COVID world? What has worked and what has not worked?


Q2. With so many heavy/important things happening in the world today, how can you effectively get your message across without being tone-deaf to the important issues happening around us?


Q3. What advice would you give to a company just starting out, where the founder is often the entire marketing department? How can they implement strategies and solutions without spreading themselves too thin?

Q4. What resources or tools have you adopted, or started using more of, since this shift happened?



Q5. What ways have you tried to build a feeling of community and togetherness around your marketing efforts during these challenging times?


Q6. Has your focus on social vs ad words been shifting? If so, how is it working?


Q7. Business has undergone rapid change. Are you tracking different metrics as a result of the seismic shift?

Q8. What changes to your marketing efforts do you see as temporary today vs being the new normal?

Q9. Which companies or brands have been a source of inspiration for your marketing efforts through this unprecedented time? Tag them!







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