#SaaSChats Recap: Investing in Sustainable Growth for your Startup

This week we held a special edition of our #SaasChats, a one-hour Twitter chat, in partnership with Invest Ottawa. We focused on the fine art of balancing your startup’s growth, without sacrificing its sustainability and potential for social impact.

We had a star-studded panel of founders and investors with first-hand experience building startups from the ground up. They shared their tips, tricks, and lessons learned from resource-strapped entrepreneurs, covering everything from navigating the challenges of fundraising, seizing opportunities for growth, and much more!

Meet our panel:

  1. Nita Tandon, Founder + CEO at Dalcini Stainless
  2. Neha Khera, Partner at 500Startups
  3. Heather Ward, CEO + Co-founder at Tandem Technical
  4. Sheena Brady, Founder of Tease Tea
  5. Jill Earthy, Female Founders
  6. Ashleigh Kennedy, Founder at Neurovine

Here’s a recap of the questions that were posted during #SaaSChats as well as a few response highlights.

Q1: When pitching to investors, what are some essential questions founders must be prepared to answer?

Q2: Before a company starts fundraising, what should they have in place foundationally?

Q3: What are key things a founder should consider to determine if an investor is the right fit for them?

Q4: What opportunities are there for entrepreneurs and founders who are resource-strapped to integrate social impact to their work?

Q5: When is the right time to include a “pay it forward” or “give back” program in your business?

Q6: If my business isn’t generating enough profit/revenue to give back, what can I do?

Q7: When pitching investors, what go-to-market metrics should founders include?

Q8: Research shows that investors ask women different questions than men, and that in turn influences funding decisions. How can we fix this?

Q9: Can you recommend resources (books, blogs, podcasts) that are useful for founders who are thinking of, or in the process of raising?












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