#SaaSChats Recap - Black Founders: Conversations Continued

On July 30th we held our monthly #SaaSChats. This month’s chat was a continuation of our July 23rd conversation.

Black Founders: Conversations Continued, was a chance for different founders to address the same questions + issues we touched on during our July 23rd panel discussion (We HIGHLY suggest you check that out!).

Meet the panel behind this #SaaSChats:

Uriel BIGOT (@BigotUriel) – CEO of UpKy Solutions
Nathan J.D. Hall (@MrNathanHall) – CEO of Simple Story
Solange Tuyishime  (@MissSolange) – CEO + President Elevate International
Chivon John   (@ChivonJohn) – Global Wellness Specialist Shopify
Russell Coltess  (@rcoltess) – CEO/Co-Founder sweatcrew

We’ll highlight some of their responses below, but we HIGHLY recommend that you check out the full chat over on @LSPARKGlobal.

(Pro tip: click on the questions below to be taken directly to the thread of responses over on Twitter).

Q1. Why do you think this has become a turning point in history?

Q2. What does diversity mean in your organization? What does it look like to you as a founder?

Q3. Having difficult conversations can be uncomfortable and challenging – and it’s never fun to tell someone that they’ve offended or hurt you. How can you suggest bringing these sensitive issues up in conversations to help drive this change?

Q4. What responsibilities do founders and business leaders hold to help facilitate the change we need?

Q5. When it comes to showing compassion and empathy, what does that mean in the context of this movement, and with regards to racism and anti-racism overall?

Q6. The word ‘ally’ is being used a lot through this current movement. What does it mean to be an ally right now and do you agree with how the term is being used?

Q7. What is the main difference between performative anti-racism vs real impactful change?

Q8. How can someone self-audit to ensure their efforts are geared towards real impactful change?

Q9. What are some go-to resources that you can share for our audience that help support this movement and the representation of Black founders + businesses in our community?

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