SaaS Showcase 2021 Success

It’s already been one week since we held our second virtual SaaS Showcase since this pandemic began – and it was a big change from last year’s Showcase. We had an entire year to learn, adjust, and test event platforms. So after a year of virtual experiments, it was no surprise that we were taking note of what our community wanted to see from us and unique ways that we could highlight our amazing founders.

The standout feedback we heard month after month throughout 2020, was that everyone wanted to watch content on their own time. For some events there is just no way to adapt to this, and, it’s really just a matter of accepting that there will always be some registrants who hold out for the post event recording to come their way – but SaaS Showcase was the perfect opportunity to have a little FUN with our format! So the theme this year was:

Innovation on your schedule + meaningful connection your way.


This theme was our guiding motto throughout every decision we made while planning this event. We wanted our guests to have full control over their event experience, but we still wanted to find a way to keep our founders at the centre of it all – and the cherry on top was finding a way to make it all meaningful.

Remo was a no brainer decision for this event, and in fact we’d go as far as saying that the event itself was built around having this platform specifically. Remo allowed us to host a networking event that was fully driven by each guest, giving them control to talk to who they wanted, when they wanted. It was as close to an in-person event as we could hope to get. 

We knew we wanted the networking event to be a success and we wanted to make it meaningful. We didn’t want guests distracted by other tabs, we wanted them to be present. To accommodate that we made sure all of our registrants had the pre-recorded showcase in their inbox an entire week before our networking event. We wanted them to have access to innovation on their schedule

With the third wave of this pandemic really in full swing come April, kids were all back at home and learning remotely – we were so thankful that our guests had a week to watch this content on their own time so they could be fully prepared for meaningful connection on April 22nd at our live networking event.

The best part was that we truly had fun along the way. It was great working to build an event that was structured around our guests. We wanted to make it work for them, and we do believe that we made that happen.

So was it a success? We sure think so, but we are still counting the days that we can welcome you all back to the Brookstreet to celebrate the founders who make these events possible. SaaS Showcase 2022 here we come!

Did you miss the event but still interested in accessing the pre-recorded content? You can still register here and we’ll send it directly to your inbox! 

If you’re interested in being introduced to any of the founders that were a part of this Showcase feel free to reach out to us at

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