It’s no secret that modern-day startups have a lot on their plates.

From product development, to fundraising, to digital marketing, to recruitment (and retention), making critical decisions for your business can all be pretty daunting on your own.

Fortunately, a startup accelerator in Toronto like L-SPARK is the destination for Canada’s startup and tech ecosystem to learn, share, plan, execute, measure, adjust, scale and succeed.

The Toronto Startup Landscape

Recognized as Silicon Valley of the North, Toronto is filled with opportunities for growth. In Toronto particularly, tech startups have been breaking new ground, so much so that in 2019, CNBC profiled this growth potential and indicated that Canada could be the next Silicon Valley. With many young entrepreneurs with big ideas, not to mention a large population of local university and college students looking to make an impact, there’s every reason to believe it.

Can Help

L-SPARK will pair you up with an expert mentor, who will share invaluable insights with you during a weekly operations meetings. Your mentor is hand-selected by the L-SPARK team based on the needs of the startup and the mentor’s skills and experience.

They will challenge you to perfect product-market-fit, define your sales channels, and grow revenue. Together, you’ll formulate a game plan that takes your startup to the next level.

L-SPARK Startup Accelerator Programs

L-SPARK’s accelerator programs will not only keep you on course, but steered firmly in the optimal direction, made possible by intensive mentorship and access to our network of top investors, expert advisors, talent and prospective partners and customers.

Our programs include:

"Being part of L-SPARK has changed everything for me personally and for Brokrete. The mentor team helped us structure the idea, challenge ourselves, be accountable and they gave us the specific tools and knowledge we needed to get to the next level. I learned more in this program than I’ve learned elsewhere and the value they bring to a technology company is unmatchable."
Jordan Latourelle CEO & Founder of Brokrete

Build Smarter, Grow Faster with L-SPARK

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