Program Details

Compass North is looking for women entrepreneurs who live in eastern Ontario and who are leading and building a tech-based company with primary operations in select areas of eastern Ontario. Is your company generating revenue or does it have a customer base? Do you have aspirations to grow your company? If yes, we’d love to hear from you!

Priority will be given to such companies in the Belleville-Kingston-Brockville region.

01. Embedded Mentorship

Looking for a female mentor who feels like a part of your inner circle? Compass North is a women’s startup accelerator that matches each founder with a dedicated mentor to help you think strategically and reach your goals and objectives.

02. Tactical Workshops

Engage in interactive workshops on digital marketing, sales, product, and more along with valuable networking opportunities.

03. Inspiring Community

Surround yourself with women-identifying tech entrepreneurs building incredible companies. This startup accelerator program for female founders is cohort-based so you can have the support of your peers while you grow.

  Meet our Mentors

01. Five Months, Infinite Possibilities

The Compass North accelerator program is designed to help women-led startup companies in the greater Kingston area.

Specifically, it’s a great fit if you’re building a tech-based operation with an established customer base and primary focus in the eastern Ontario area. Over five months, you’ll develop new strategies, gain incredible insights from a specially matched female mentor with years of expertise in your application area, and more.

The possibilities you can achieve with Compass North are endless – it’s all down to which direction you wish to steer your startup in!

02. Highly Respected Women in Tech

We take precision and care to match each startup founder with an expert mentor – one of several reputable, successful women in tech.

Together, you can refine – or redefine – objectives and plan an effective development roadmap. They’ll share stories, listen attentively to your own ideas, and help you shape them into the special sauce that will help your company achieve more tangible success and growth. Not only that, but your mentor will open the door to some truly rewarding connection opportunities – you might just make that dream deal by getting to know some of the folks they’ve established a relationship with. Not only will your mentor be a part of your own inner circle, but you’ll effectively become part of theirs – it’s a win-win scenario for everyone.

03. Interactivity and Inspiration

From digital marketing strategies and product development to sales approaches, this female founder accelerator program offers a wide range of highly informative workshops that double as, you guessed it, further networking opportunities. Exceptionally interactive and insightful, they give women in tech startups the chance to share ideas, strike up a conversation, and build their skill set. That way, you can pass along what you’ve learned to your team to make tangible process and operational improvements.

Speaking of that networking potential, many who use the Compass North program are inspired by the support of and dialogue shared with fellow peers – we’re one big family together, helping each other over barriers to celebrate milestones and improvements!

What key elements do the selection committee base their program acceptance decisions on?

Once applications close, our selection committee reviews all companies and selects 10 as part of the Compass North bootcamp. Once accepted into the bootcamp, companies will have the opportunity to pitch for one of 5 spots in the accelerator.

Decisions for both the bootcamp and accelerator program are based on a number of criteria, but most heavily weighted are revenue, growth/traction, and geographic location.

Companies selected to be a part of the 6-week bootcamp will benefit from regular operations meetings with a dedicated expert mentor, as well as participate in a number of workshops. Over the first 3 weeks, companies will be expected to dedicate 2 hours and for the remaining 3 weeks, 4-6 hours.

Once the program commences, companies will meet with their mentor 2.5 days per month.

Compass North is looking for women led, tech-based companies with primary operations in select areas of eastern Ontario. This includes software, hardware, science, or tech enabled businesses. A tech-enabled business uses existing tools, platforms, libraries, and frameworks to improve the efficiency or effectiveness of their operations.

No matter how you slice it, a more gender diverse workforce is better for business, especially in tech. Companies with gender-diverse teams have outperformed less diverse companies on average over the last 5 years.

Why is this? The answer is simple: giving women in tech a seat at the table offers diverse perspectives which leads to better quality outcomes. Compass North was designed to give women in tech the tools they need to not only have a seat at the table, but to take their companies to the next level.

Building and finding a community of supportive mentors isn’t always easy, but our program comes with skilled and experienced mentors to help you every step of the way. We’ve curated a group of skilled women in tech that are just as passionate about your success as you are.

We match you with the mentor that we feel best suits you and your business, and hope to form lasting relationships even long after the program has ended. We also know that female founders often have (and need) more than one mentor. By joining this program you’ll be exposed to industry experts and networks of like minded individuals – meaning that your next mentor could be one introduction away!

Karen Brunet
"Compass North was instrumental in helping me make some BIG decisions relating to my business and the development of the medical device I designed."
Karen Brunet CEO of ActivKare