ProcedureFlow: Simplify + Reduce Stress


In 2001, Innovatia was providing tech support services for Nortel Networks. Complex products, systems and procedures resulted in eight weeks of training and a 900-page process binder. All of this effort did nothing to comfort new agents taking their first customer call. In fact, real tears were shed. But true to their name, Innovatia started developing a performance support tool to solve this problem. 

Using small hyperlinked flowcharts, they built a product to help visualize the way a subject matter expert thinks. This turned out to be amazingly effective at guiding new employees through long, complex ,and exception-riddled procedures. The effect? Innovatia reduced training time by over 90% and support time by more than 50%. They had surpassed their clients’ expectations and agents were excited to use the product. 

Fast-forward to April 2015, and ProcedureFlow was launched and incorporated as Gemba Software Solutions as a separate legal entity of Innovatia. Today, we continue to help a growing list of companies across many industries achieve the same efficiency savings. .

It wasn’t all smooth sailing. ProcedureFlow began as a small software company with mostly local customers in the Atlantic Canadian area. As a startup, the company struggled with aspects of our business including our overall messaging and strategy, reaching a global audience, finding the right partners, and accessing costly but useful tools like tradeshows and market research. 


The Approach

L-SPARK’s approach was comprehensive, and helped us resolve these issues.

Firstly, L-SPARK did a deep dive into the core aspects of our business, including sales, marketing, and product. They gave us guidance on how to improve these areas and to make our business more efficient. 

The team at L-SPARK organized sessions with industry experts that helped us make adjustments and nail down our focus. For example, they advised us to position ourselves in the knowledge management category initially. These sessions also gave us validation that we had a strong product and helped us prioritize our product road map to better address the needs of our partners.

L-SPARK also helped us with alignment across the business that enabled us to up our pace. They organized a weekly operations call with us, where we would report on every operational aspect to discover how to make improvements to how we work through outcome measurements.

The accelerator also advised us on how to refine our messaging to make it cohesive and define our target customers. In addition, during our time working with L-SPARK, the team there supported us by providing access to vital market research.


The Results

Working with L-SPARK helped us begin a partnership with one of our largest partners, with whom we’ve had great success. We are currently working with this partner on joint marketing activities.

The research that L-SPARK gave us access to allowed us to conduct market sizing initiatives which enables us to better communicate potential to investors.

L-SPARK’s assistance with messaging and focus allowed us to narrow in on the contact center industry. This helped drive customer success and acted as a catalyst for us to get our foot in the door of much larger organizations. The support of L-SPARK on aligning our company strategy and goals allowed us to focus and grow. In 2018, we more than doubled our revenue and staff and in 2019, we closed our largest round of funding yet.


The Takeaways

With the help of L-SPARK, ProcedureFlow is now a global organization with customers in three continents, and across multiple industry verticals.

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