MWC19 Los Angeles: L-SPARK Will Showcase First-of-its-Kind Secure IoT Solution that Meets GSMA’s IoT Security Guidelines

Four Canadian companies will be the first to demonstrate applications built on an innovative IoT platform at global event

Ottawa, Canada, October 18, 2019 – Three Canadian technology leaders, and G+D Mobile Security, have partnered to implement an industry-leading eSIM-based Root of Trust Engine following the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines. This implementation provides IoT end-point identity, software integrity authentication and attestation, which are the new security parameters for IoT devices and systems. The first applications built on this platform will be demonstrated in the GSMA Innovation City 2019 pavilion at MWC19 Los Angeles, one of the fastest-growing events in the U.S.

TELUS, BlackBerry Limited, Solace and G+D Mobile Security have developed a “secure by design” IoT software stack on an LTE-M devkit, with an embedded, GSMA compliant eSIM. The eSIM provides a hardware-based root of trust which is intended to secure the embedded software stack and its applications, while establishing a mutual trust between the devices and the Application Service platforms, out of the box. This approach enables:

  • Built-in connectivity and secure boot
  • Secure, real-time bidirectional communication with cloud services
  • Customer-managed secure access, provisioning and lifecycle management.

“TELUS is committed to supporting industry initiatives that address ever-evolving cybersecurity threats by leveraging “secure by design” Mobile IoT Network assets, such as eSIM infrastructure and 5G/IoT secure communication channels,” said Ibrahim Gedeon, CTO of TELUS. “Mobile Network Operators have long standing track records of keeping networks secure while ensuring their respective countries’ security and privacy regulations are accounted for. TELUS is encouraged by the substantial progress made by the Secure IoT Accelerator and look forward to contributing to its future success.”

“The GSMA IoT Security Guidelines address the most common cybersecurity issues associated with IoT services,” commented Graham Trickey, Head of Internet of Things programme, GSMA. “It’s encouraging to see these real live implementations, based on wide industry collaboration and that support the GSMA’s recommendation to use an eSIM based Root of Trust for end-to-end security. We are also pleased to welcome L-SPARK to the GSMA Innovation City this year.”

L-SPARK, a leading Canadian tech accelerator, was selected by TELUS, BlackBerry and Solace to accelerate Canadian startups by creating real life PoCs that leverage this platform to enhance the security features of their products in their respective markets.

“The Secure IoT Accelerator truly showcases the innovation capabilities of Canadian companies,” says Leo Lax, Executive Managing Director at L-SPARK. “The four companies, that participated in the accelerator, are in diverse vertical markets and have provided, in just four months, real use cases that demonstrate the value of the Secure IoT devkit.”

Four companies were selected to participate in the L-SPARK Secure IoT Accelerator Program earlier this year and were provided with a development kit that included the IoT Software Stack. The companies have since created demonstrations for the market to illustrate how their IoT solutions are now secure by design throughout their lifecycle, resulting in a sustainable IoT environment that is designed for end-to-end security while addressing supply-chain security vulnerabilities.

“Solace is excited to see the L-SPARK accelerator come to life through the vision and hard work of the four Canadian companies selected to be part of the program,” said Paul Fitzpatrick, chief business development officer, Solace. “It’s great to see our event distribution capabilities combined with other key technologies to enable innovative IoT solutions for the healthcare and transportation sectors, and in critical areas like device lifecycle management and infrastructure monitoring where IoT is truly changing the game.”

The applications, as well as the associated devkit and hardware and IoT Software Stack, follow the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines, making it one of the first platforms to do so with real use cases and customers for the applications. MWC Los Angeles attendees can learn more about these use cases in the GSMA Innovation City 2019 pavilion:

  • Flosonics (Healthcare)
  • Canscan (Transportation)
  • CIRA (Device lifecycle management)
  • Platoi (Infrastructure monitoring)

MWC19 Los Angeles brings together leading companies and influential experts from all sectors within the mobile technology industry. It aims to advance intelligent connectivity through a fusion of 5G, IoT, AI and Big Data.

MWC19 Los Angeles boasts an inspiring conference program that consists of industry leaders, influencers and emerging innovators. More than 22,000 attendees are expected at the event between October 22 to 24. 


L-SPARK is Canada’s leading accelerator for Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. Since the launch of their first cohort in January 2015, L-SPARK has accelerated 51 companies across Canada. With over 10,000 investors, corporate partners and startups now in their network, L-SPARK has curated a forceful Canadian tech community for participating companies to join.

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