L-SPARK Portfolio Company, Target Fuel, Lights Up Web Personalization Scene with Launch of WebStage

OTTAWA, ON – September 17, 2015 – Target Fuel Corp., an L-SPARK portfolio company, announced today the public launch of WebStage, a SaaS-based software platform that puts control of the website where it belongs: in the marketing department. In minutes, marketers can now create and launch personalized content on a number of web pages for different target audiences – a task that typically takes designers and IT teams days or weeks, and costs thousands.

“Websites present a technological challenge for marketers who don’t have a computer science degree,” explains Target Fuel CEO, Chris Corman. “They’re relying on design and IT teams to create the content, code it, and get it up on the site. After all that time and expense, the content is outdated. Marketers need a solution that’s faster and cheaper if the website is to keep up with other channels, and today it has to.”

Target Fuel has been offering digital marketing tools for years to high-profile retailers, including US-Mattress.com, the largest online mattress retailer in the world. US-Mattress has trialed and now uses WebStage on multiple sites to create dynamic messaging, send automated coupons, promote time-sensitive deals, and bring back visitors who have abandoned carts. One of the company’s first campaigns with the new WebStage toolset yielded a 36% increase in conversions and 56% increase in average order value in just two weeks.

“We’ve been using Target Fuel’s technology for a number of years now. As a solution for marketers, they’ve really raised the bar,” said US-Mattress President, Joe Nashif.

It can be difficult for marketers to know where to begin when embarking on a personalization strategy. The content management and personalization solutions on the market are complex, costly, and offer excessive functionality for businesses looking to start small and scale up. Few solutions give marketers the ability to create content without a designer, and post it without an IT team.

WebStage changes all this with a unique set of plans that allow companies to start small and scale up as their needs grow. For $100/month, marketers get simple, mouse-driven design tools for creating web banners, lightboxes and promotions containing personalized messages and links. They can scale up at a nominal price to add advanced levels of personalization, campaign goal-setting, testing, data-tracking and automation.

L-SPARK equipped Target Fuel with invaluable resources that have made the launch of WebStage possible.

“This is a great example of the type of transformation we like to see our companies embrace in order to differentiate and increase their value in competitive markets,” says Leo Lax, Managing Director of L-SPARK. “We congratulate the WebStage team on their achievements during the L-SPARK program.”

For the first time, WebStage is available in a free, 14-day trial at www.webstage.com.

About Target Fuel

Target Fuel Corp. was conceived in 2011 when experts in the fields of online marketing, website personalization and web analytics teamed up to develop technology solutions that would take the “technical” out of online marketing. The company’s first major launch is WebStageTM, a simple yet powerful platform that any marketer can use to quickly create and deliver personalized web content without designers and tech teams. With high-profile customers like Roots, US-Mattress.com and the Royal Canadian Mint, Target Fuel has continually refined its platform using customer feedback to release the ultimate “non-technical” web content creation and delivery solution, custom-made for today’s marketers. Find out more about WebStage at www.webstage.com.


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