Optimity x L-SPARK: sale to scale

Optimity is an award-winning digital health-rewards program that incentives users to take healthy action and utilizes unique datasets (life goal setting, needs analysis, intent/psychographics) to recommend products from our affiliate partners that are best suited for them.

Optimity entered the L-SPARK program in 2016 while in the process of creating an enterprise sales strategy, with the goal to level up from smaller enterprise deals to larger contracts. In order to do this, Optimity needed to create a more effective and scalable enterprise sales process to be able to win bigger clients. The company was also seeking to reduce its sales cycle, as well as up the average deal size. 

The approach

Upon joining the L-SPARK program, the Optimity founders began working with Susan Englehutt, a sales coach who helped them create an Enterprise series playbook. Susan was a driving force in the process of developing the company’s core messaging and market positioning strategy, resulting in an increase in leads and sales opportunities.

L-SPARK introduced Optimity to the “The Way Buyers Buy” methodology, which proved to be invaluable in nailing down the company’s enterprise sales process. The Optimity team also completed a series of specialized workshops to identify the product’s unique market position and refined it into customer-facing messaging.

The results

After completing the L-SPARK program, Optimity had increased its average contract value three-fold, reduced the sales cycle from more than 12 months down to six to nine months, and secured agreements with three Fortune 500 clients.

“L-SPARK was very effective in working with us to enhance our sales process and allow us to scale our business,” said CEO, Jane Wang. “The team had a material impact on our enterprise sales strategy, set the groundwork early on for us to continue to grow and expand upon.”

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