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About Northstar Robotics

Northstar Robotics has developed an intelligent control system (retrofit kits and a cloud backend) to power a network of autonomous industrial vehicles. The company envisions a future in which machines help organizations by easing the labour shortage, while lowering overall costs.

Northstar Robotics is developing fully autonomous surface maintenance systems, starting with automated snow removal on airport runways, currently deployed at the Winnipeg International airport.

We had the opportunity to speak with CEO and Founder, Shawn Schaerer, about his experience in the Blackberry/L-SPARK Accelerator program and what it has meant for the success of his company to date.

“At a high-level, the most notable takeaway from our time with L-SPARK is access

When asked about what he found most beneficial from his time in the accelerator, Shawn shared that it was the sheer amount of access he gained to key resources. “From mentoring, to access to investors, to help with navigating federal government agencies, we have had the opportunity to tap into resources we would not have been able to otherwise. This level of access has been imperative to taking Northstar Robotics to the next level.”

“Along with access to these resources, what really sets L-SPARK apart from other accelerators is the amount of dedicated time we were able to spend with our mentor, which far exceeded our expectations. His guidance and contributions have been key to our success to date.

Not only did we have access to these resources, but we were able to make quality connections

Shawn also added, “before joining L-SPARK, we were only able to scratch the surface when it came to connecting to companies like BlackBerry; we would have to jump through hoops to make contact or interface with members of these organizations.

Not only did L-SPARK help us break through the barriers, they put us in front of the right people and gave us the opportunity to spend quality time with them in a way that was much more valuable to our company than a 30 minute phone call would have been. We would have never been able to tap into this on our own, and we were able to benefit from the existing relationships that L-SPARK already had.”

L-SPARK helped us identify and market our advantage

L-SPARK helped us discover and develop a layer of the company that didn’t exist before. We launched a product for autonomous vehicle solutions in a safety critical environment. Before joining L-SPARK we had never developed this part of the company, and now we have this safety critical layer to the company and now we can market this competitive advantage.

Overall, this experience has been so positive and rewarding. L-SPARK helped us connect, discover, and market elements of our business that were essential to growth and success.

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