New year, fresh start: why the January reset isn't all bad when it comes to business

Okay so you know the drill, January is almost here and with it comes the fascination for a fresh start. But..what if instead of joining new gyms and swearing off takeout, January was actually a time for resetting your business habits. You know, realigning your goals and getting your team on the same page? 

Maybe the hype around starting fresh in January isn’t all bad when it comes to business!

So, if you’re here to find simple steps you can take to better prepare for the year ahead – you’re in the right spot. Below are 5 ways you can start thinking about 2022 and planning for it to be your best year yet. 

1. Make your customers your top priority with industry leading UI/UX

Plain and simple. Your top priority needs to be the UI/UX customer experience. Why is upping your game on the UI/UX customer experience more critical than ever? 

There are 3 key drivers:

  • Acquiring new customers is accelerated with a high value “WOW Factor” when prospects see and try out your  product. Likewise when you secure a new customer, the focus turns to customer retention.  A top tier UI/UX customer experience is a critical anchor point in customer retention.
  • Scalability and profitability. The faster your entire organization moves towards a low touch/no touch customer interaction model, the faster you can “land and expand” within companies, focus resources on high value customer interaction process automation and effectively allocating sales resources to defined channels such as web sales, inside sales, partner sales and high end enterprise account management  sales.
  • The digital transformation has been dramatically accelerated by COVID.  In early 2020 industry norm was, many customer interactions needed to be face to face. Fast forward 6 months and everyone was figuring out how to sell, support, buy and manage every customer and vendor touch point…well virtually!

There is a huge time and cost savings advantage for companies that effectively leverage this seismic shift in customer interactions.

 2020 changed the game! There will be winners and losers. Make sure that all of your plans and goals for the year lead you to building a business model that positions you to be a leader in the UI/UX customer experience!

2. Cut through the noise

New year, same setup.

As we know, remote work and virtual meetings have become the norm in the startup world. The longer we work + meet remotely, the more challenges we will face when it comes to digital overload. As a SaaS startup founder, you need to be focused on communicating what you deliver, and then deliver it to the best of your ability. In short:

Challenge yourself to get specific on what value you are delivering. The more granular you get, the better your chances of highlighting that value clearly to your customers.

3. Focus on delivering value

This is pretty simple, but OH so important. Focus in on what you do well, and make that the centre of all that you do.  The goal is to avoid spreading yourself or your team too thin.

By managing your expectations and focusing on value first, you’re more likely to achieve your goals.

4. Start with a personalized approach

If you’re an entrepreneur whose SaaS or tech startup is in its early stages, we suggest starting out the gate with a tailored approach. This means, identifying and targeting your early adopters with a value proposition personalized to their persona.

In other words, find those who are most excited about your product and give them a personalized offer that makes sense for their business.

5. Track your Progress

Starting fresh and reassessing your goals/approach calls for tools to measure your success. When we hit the end of 2021, you’ll be able to look back on your efforts and measure what worked and what didn’t and be better suited to plan for 2022 and beyond.

Last year we held a few events to help startup founders prepare for long term goals and tracking the effectiveness of all of their hard work, and it’s not too late to take advantage of the gold mine of resources in our blog! Check it out here. 

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