Mydoma Studio: Built for Designers by Designers

Mydoma Studio is design management software built specifically for interior design professionals to manage their clients and projects. It enables its professional users to build a process and system that suits their individual business needs. With Mydoma Studio, no longer do designers struggle to manage all the moving pieces of a project. In leveraging the platform, users can better communicate with clients, sell their vision, deliver a process, and exceed client expectations.

Here’s where L-SPARK came in

Back in 2015, Mydoma Studio was in its final stages of beta testing. After one and half years of diligently working with design professionals, founders Sarah Daniele and Thomas Martineau came to the realization they had been heads-down building a product, without the business plan to support it. That same year, they decided to apply for the L-SPARK incubator program. They believed in the product and were now looking for business guidance.

“Joining the L-SPARK incubator program was single handedly the best strategic decision for the company. The program itself was all time consuming and challenging. Without L-SPARK, our company may have not survived,” says CEO and cofounder Sarah Daniele. “It was our time at L-SPARK that allowed me to have the accelerated personal professional growth to make the decisions that were best for the company.” 

Prior to L-SPARK, the co-founders didn’t have years of experience in running a business. The biggest takeaway from their time at L-SPARK was the professional connections and advisors. These advisors have stayed with them on their journey, with many having turned into investors that are personally and professionally invested in helping the company succeed. It was L-SPARK that fuelled these connections and the founders that ultimately nurtured them.

Five years on, Mydoma Studio continues to grow

It’s been almost five years since Mydoma Studio entered the L-SPARK incubator program. At this time, the platform has thousands of users across the globe, and is regarded in the top 5 design management softwares for interior designers. Sarah Daniele is often asked to speak at industry events, and the company has been featured in A Well Designed Business, Home Accents Today, The Business of Home, Designers Today and more leading industry publications.

Mydoma Studio’s unique relationship approach has enabled them to build a strong foundation of trust with their customers. “Building a software company from the ground up is challenging,” adds Daniele. “These past five years have been incredibly trying at times, but equally rewarding. Staying true to our why has allowed us to keep the ship on course, while continuously innovating. L-SPARK played a huge role in that.”

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