L-SPARK SaaS Accelerator: Adapting to the New Normal

Our SaaS Accelerator program will challenge you to think about how to perfect product-market-fit, identify early adopter prospects, define your sales channels, grow your revenue, build your team, navigate government funding and help you get you “pitch ready” – introducing you to potential angels and VC’s as you raise funding.

While this is all very exciting, you might be asking yourself about the elephant in the room.

How is this going to work with the new normal?

When the reality of the current global crisis hit our community, our team quickly adapted. Our goal is to serve and grow the startups and founders that come through our program, and we weren’t about to compromise on the delivery of that promise. 

We understand that as a founder faced with uncertainty and the current global landscape, you are focused on survival. This is why we are changing the way we accept startups in our seventh cohort:

Floating Enrollment Process 

We’ve introduced a rolling selection process, which means that we will be making selection decisions as companies apply, instead of waiting until all applications are received. So each company will begin their program once they have been accepted, and it will run 6 months from their respective start date.

Once you’ve been selected for the program, don’t expect the changes to stop there.

We’re taking our program virtual

Yes, this mean you still get access to our intensive program through:

  • Tactical and strategic support
  • Relevant workshops
  • Advice from a dedicated mentor who will join your team one day per week

Of course, we’ll host weekly Ops Meetings with members from L-SPARK to test your assumptions, brainstorm options, and prepare you for customer and investor meetings.

The beauty of the tech industry is that we’re prepared for a virtual shift like this. We know that just because we can’t see you face-to-face, it doesn’t mean that your experience in our program has to suffer.

Thinking of applying?

The deadline to apply for the program is August 21st. If you’re unsure about the program and want to find out if it’s right for you and your startup, we’re here to help!

Reach out to Marco Janeczek, Director of Entrepreneurs here at L-SPARK. He’s happy to chat further about the changes we’ve made and how we’ll ensure the best possible experience for you and your company. 


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