NLP Engineer

Nexxt Intelligence

  • Hybrid: Remote/Toronto

We are looking for an NLP Engineer to join our growing team to help build inca, a conversational AI platform for consumer research. Natural language processing is a keystone of our technology, and you will be working to solve difficult, open-ended problems with state-of-the-art machine learning R&D. Supported by our whole team and existing infrastructure, this position affords the opportunity to work across the spectrum of ideating, researching, experimenting, developing, validating, deploying, and monitoring models for a variety of challenging NLP problems.

What You’ll Be Working On:

You’ll be involved in all aspects of our NLP R&D, including extending our existing models and systems for modeling consumer discourse structures; generating pertinent follow-up questions; understanding and analyzing semi-structured data at scale; and clustering semi-structured through unsupervised and semi-supervised approaches. As we are treading new territory in market research, so too are our toolsets and capabilities evolving, and so we hope you will be excited and inspired as new challenges and goals arise.

Your Skills & Experience:

We’re looking for someone with several NLP projects under their belt, a strong fundamental understanding of machine learning, and most importantly a genuine curiosity for how language works. Aside from that, here are some of the skills and experience that will make you stand out, but we don’t expect you to have all of them:

● Proficiency with Docker and other development tools
● Demonstrable knowledge of recent trends in NLP
● Experience with generative models and transformers
● Professional experience deploying machine learning models into production
● A passion for conversational design
● Publications and/or a graduate degree in NLP or a related field


This position is permanent full-time, and hybrid remote + office (in Toronto). If you are interested, please send your CV and a brief email, explaining your interest and detailing one or more projects that you’ve worked on, to

About Nexxt Intelligence:

Nexxt Intelligence is a technology startup based in Toronto. We take deep pride in providing our clients with unique insights through custom research, and our platform inca is built from the ground up to transform market research. Head over to our website to learn more about our team.