Data Infrastructure Engineer

Nexxt Intelligence

  • Toronto

We are looking for a Data Infrastructure Engineer to join our growing team to help build inca, a conversational AI platform for consumer research. Data pipelines and the underlying infrastructure are at the foundation of our technology stacks, and you will be working to tackle challenges related to scaling, CI/CD, machine learning integrations, and many more.

Supported by our whole team and existing infrastructure, this position affords the opportunity to work across the spectrum of researching, executing, and monitoring infrastructure architecture solutions, as well as helping to design, implement, and test critical data pipelines.

What You’ll Be Working On:

Your responsibilities will span a number of important roles across the organization:

  1. You will be working with our existing cloud infrastructure (on AWS and GCP) to help support the scaleability of our application and data infrastructure.
  2. You will support the design, implementation, and maintenance of data pipelines which are critical to our platform
  3. You will help to organize and leverage structured and unstructured data to facilitate and optimize insight sharing between teams
  4. Optional: You will contribute to discussions and experimentation of natural language processing models and algorithms (if interested!)

Your Skills & Experience:

We’re looking for someone who is keen to tackle complex architectural challenges to support scaleability, and who is passionate about leveraging rich data through powerful pipelines. You should be comfortable (and possibly certified) with cloud providers, and curious about finding new ways to improve the development process across the team. Besides that, here are some key skills that will help you stand out:

  • Experience programming in Node.js and Python
  • Expertise and/or certification with cloud computing (AWS/GCP/Azure)
  • Proficiency with Docker and other development tools
  • Real world experience building data pipelines
  • Familiarity with MLOps tools such as MLflow


This position is permanent full-time, and hybrid remote + office (in Toronto). If you are interested, please send your CV and a brief email, explaining your interest and detailing one or more projects that you’ve worked on, to

About Nexxt Intelligence:

Nexxt Intelligence is a technology startup based in Toronto. We take deep pride in providing our clients with unique insights through custom research, and our platform inca is built from the ground up to transform market research. Head over to our website to learn more about our team.