Time and time again SaaS startups contemplate who they should approach for investment. There’s a general sense in our community that it’s difficult to raise money in Canada. Software startups have this misconception before they do their own digging that they need to go south of the border to raise a round.

YES, there is more money in the US. YES, companies are raising at higher valuations. But let’s not sell ourselves short on the ecosystem that exists in our own backyard.

SaaS founders – before you pack your bags for a trip to San Francisco – have a look at THIS:

Who is investing in Canadian SaaS? A breakdown of funding amounts by province and the investors who participated in those deals.

Sourced from 2016 CVCA Infobase Data

We’ve pulled together a comprehensive list of the VC’s that are actively investing in Canadian SaaS companies TODAY. In keeping with the TRUE NORTH pride that we have at L-SPARK, we’ve also highlighted a few examples of previous investments they have made in SaaS companies that are killing it across our country.

So there you have it. The money is here and our Canadian investors are ready to meet you.

This infographic is the first in a series of features we’re producing for L-SPARK’s newly launched blog Voice of the North – Canada’s hub for tactical advice and thought leadership from the SaaS industry’s best.

We’ll also be taking a deeper dive into some of Canada’s SaaS success stories in the months to come. If you want to feature a company or investment in your region contact me at lucy@l-spark.com.

*Updated on 4/6/2017