Hippoc: when marketing meets neuroscience-AI

Hippoc is a Neuro-AI platform that predicts Instant Brand Attention and Lasting Brand Recall during the design phase, giving designers and marketers a clear view into the effectiveness of their brand’s visual content.. 

Hippoc joined the L-SPARK SaaS Accelerator amidst 2020 + all of its challenges. That hasn’t slowed them down. 

With Hippoc, time to market is accelerated and content effectiveness is optimized. 

Designers + marketers are now armed with predictive brand analysis software that was created by a team of neuroscientists (you read that right!)….and it does it in seconds!

The blog below is just a taste of the expertise that you can expect from this stellar team. Check it out:

The best way to win in The Attention Economy, is to stay ahead of your competitors by using advanced Neuroscience-AI solutions.

Consumers in North America are bombarded with over 12,000 ads every day (ref.). More than 50% of every companies’ visual content is not even seen by the prospective consumers. An even higher percentage is not remembered by them which leads to ineffective use of marketing budget and visual content. Conversion rates suffer, sales growth is hampered and building long term customer loyalty is more costly. 

The battle to create brand awareness and sustain brand loyalty has changed. There is a new war for marketers.

The fundamental marketers’ problem is the limited attention span of the target consumers.

Research shows that the human brain can only capture 7 pieces of data plus or minus 2 at the same time. Humans are overwhelmed by the number of brands and the amount of content generated by those brands over a constantly growing number of media platforms (social media, television, outdoor advertising, etc.). As a result, the consumers’ attention has become a scarce and very valuable resource. 

This scarcity of consumer attention and the limited ability to recall information is radically changing the way marketers need to think and advertise. Marketers top priority is to make sure they create a lasting brand recall of their various visual content.

Two scientific metrics are at the centre of this battle for marketers: Instant consumer attention and lasting brand recall…

Read the full article from Hippoc over on their blog.

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