Startup Open House
(November 13, 2019)

As you may have heard, Startup Open House is coming back to Ottawa and this year, it’s happening on Wednesday, November 13th from 4-8PM.

The Goal of Startup Open House
The goal of the event is to drive visitors to meet with companies/startups for talent/recruitment purposes, connect with potential customers/clients, for informational purposes and of course, to network amongst the other exhibitors and visitors.

Where It Will Take Place
Instead of hosting the event at L-SPARK this year, we (KNBA, KRP and L-SPARK) decided to host the event up the street at 555 Legget Drive on the ground floor.

We’ll have plenty of space there and KRP is generously supplying tables for every company that wishes to join us. Startup Open House is also providing buses and 555 Legget will be Kanata North’s stop.

Want to Participate?
We’d love to see you participate in this year’s Startup Open House event! It would be our pleasure to host you, alongside KNBA and KRP, and create a successful event together. The event is not just for startups — it just celebrates startups but also celebrates the tech/business ecosystem in Ottawa.

How to Participate
To participate, you just need to go to and register your company. Instead of your own address, use 555 Legget Drive in your listing to signal to participants that you’ll be at the Kanata North stop.

Register Now