(August 15, 2019)

Work hard, play hard.

Entrepreneurs are known for their hustle… the long days and sleepless nights.

Working with startups in our L-SPARK Accelerator, we know what it means to be all-in on your startup but we also know how important it is to unplug and get away from the screen for awhile.

That’s why we, in partnership with an exciting new Ottawa tech startup, Neurovine are launching L-SPARK Unplugged: Yoga Edition Yogatown in Little Italy.

L-SPARK Unplugged: Yoga Edition is a unique networking event that will see 40 startup founders, as well as folks from the startup ecosystem, gather in a yoga studio to unwind, sweat, and connect with each other, but most importantly, unplug for a couple of hours.

Please join us from 1:30-3:30pm at Yogatown in Little Italy (on Preston) for the opportunity to network (without the work) with other founders far, faraway from the usual networking hot spots.

About Neurovine

Over 43,000,000 people suffer a concussion each year globally, many of whom struggle with recovery in the weeks, months, and years after their injury. Concussion recovery is currently guided by a subjective assessment of an individual’s symptoms. Unfortunately, the resurgence of these symptoms has been correlated with further brain injury resulting in delayed concussion recovery.

At Neurovine our mission is to guide concussed patients through their recovery process in a safe and efficient way, helping them to avoid reinjury caused by over-exertion.

Event Cost & Ticket Logistics

This ticket is to reserve your space in the class. If you need to rent a yoga mat, mat towel (to prevent you from sliding on your mat), or shower towel, you can do so the day of the event for $2 a piece. Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred.

There are only 40 spots available and they will be given out on a first come, first serve basis.

IMPORTANT: Please do not register if you can not attend as you’ll take up a spot that someone else will likely want. Given the limited numbers, we’ll likely have a waitlist so please let us know if you can no longer attend.


1. Do I need to have tried yoga before?

Absolutely not! You can be extremely experienced or it can be your first time out and you’ll have just as much fun either way. You just need to show up with a willingness to give it a try!

2. What do I need to bring/wear?

If you already have a yoga mat, bring it to save on the rental fee. If you don’t, Yogatown has mats and towels available for rent. As for attire, regular gym wear works great! Don’t forget to bring a water bottle, too, as this is a hot yoga class!

There is a changeroom and shower on-site if you are heading back to work and prefer to shower before you do.

3. I signed up but now I can’t go. What should I do?

Please let us know. With only 40 spots available, we know that we’ll have a waitlist for this event. We’d love to be able to ensure that all fifty spots are taken (and used!) so if you’ve registered and can no longer attend, please let us know so we can release your ticket to our waitlist.

4. Will there be food/beverages available?

Given that this is a physical activity, we recommend having a bit of an early lunch before you come. There is also a water fountain on-site, which you can fill up your water bottles with. Tea will be available after the class.

5. I have another question that isn’t answered here. How do I get that answered?

Please reach out to our Community Manager, Stef, at stef@l-spark.com and she’ll be more than happy to answer your questions about our L-SPARK Unplugged: Yoga Edition event!

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