Cop or drop: what we want to keep + what we want to leave behind in life post-vaccine

While COVID-19 is far from gone, things are feeling a little bit different with the vaccine rollout well underway (two dose summer, anyone?). Whether it’s friends gathered on a patio, or the kids finally playing with friends that they’ve missed, I think we are all slowly beginning to breathe a collective sigh of relief as we inch back towards a sliver of normalcy.

So as life begins to slowly creep back, we can’t help but wonder – what does that mean for life at the office? Home or otherwise.

This topic is not new, in fact we’ve discussed it multiple times over the last 15 months. When it comes to remote work, we’ve looked at all the angles:

These are all questions that we’ve asked. Yet, now that a vaccine has started being rolled out at large, and confirmation of in-person events in the Fall are beginning to surface, we’re really looking at the reality of what life’s going to look like. The truth is, we have absolutely no idea. It’s impossible to know just what the future holds – a lesson we were all reminded of thanks to 2020.

What we can do is predict possibilities + trends. So, here’s what we predict will stick around/make a strong comeback, and what we think should be left behind.

What we think is here to stay:

Casual attire

Okay maybe the 10000 matching sweatsuits you’ve purchased over the last few months will never be work appropriate, but can we all accept that it’s OK to keep it casual every now and then?

I mean, we’ve seen the inside of some people’s living rooms, kitchens, heard their significant other flush the toilet in the middle of a meeting.. it’s safe to say that the jig is up right? Whether you choose to wear a suit, skirt, dress, or jeans – can we all agree that it doesn’t mean someone is any less qualified or successful? 


I think I’ve spent probably around $100 on masks this past year. What’s the plan for these once mandatory mask rules are lifted? Will they be relegated to the back of my closet with that bridesmaid dress I’ll never wear but paid too much to toss? Maybe they’ll set up shop at the bottom of my sock drawer patiently waiting for some type of home reno that requires PPE.

My vote is to keep the masks around in some capacity. Not feeling well and need to head to the pharmacy or doctor’s office? Mask up! Why not?

Better work-life balance

Running out to grab groceries, taking lunch early, working from a local coffee shop because you mentally need a change of scenery.. Let’s hope that the blurred lines between work and personal life mean that people can be free to feel less pressure to keep their chairs warm and more freedom to integrate their other responsibilities into their day. 

The importance of sick days

Once upon a time I was working in an office that frowned upon taking sick days. I remember watching one case of the common cold spread through the entire office one employee at a time.

Let’s not wait for it to be a global pandemic for employers to make sure their employees not only have sick days, but also feel comfortable and respected taking care of their health, OK?

Coworking spaces

Planning to work from home on some days and in the office on others? Have we got the thing for you! Coworking spaces are great for organizations who don’t want to fully commit to in-person or remote work. It’s a great way to stay connected and feel like you have a home-base, without having to go in every single day.

Virtual meetings 

Repeat after me: not all meetings need to be in-person just because they can*

*and better yet, some can just be a phone call or an email

What we should leave behind:

Virtual events

Maybe this is just me but..virtual events don’t need to be a thing. 

Hear me out. 

There is a BIG difference between a virtual event and digital content. I think digital content will see a change as in-person events return, maybe we’ll offer this content in new and interesting ways, but nothing can replace a true in-person event. You can quote me on that.

Crowded Zoom Rooms

It’s the Zoom Bystander Effect at its finest – everyone is waiting for someone else to speak and what you’re left with is a very awkward silence. Let’s keep those virtual meetings small, shall we?

That leads me to my next point…

Virtual Meetings vs Phone Calls

It seems that the last year has really impacted our ability to decipher what needs to be a virtual meeting vs what could just be a phone call. Will the return to in-person meetings actually revive the good old fashioned phone call? Here’s hoping!

What do you think we should cop or drop as we begin the second half of the year and life after vaccines?

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