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Lessons Learned as a Founder: L-SPARK Founders Speak Out

Female Founders & Funders: Lindy Ledohowski on the Impact of Women & Girls in the Workplace

Lindy Ledohowski, CEO of EssayJack, one of L-SPARK's portfolio companies, shares her thoughts on the future of women in the workplace

Marie Chevrier, Founder of Sampler, on Going Global & Working with Tier One Customers

We feel fortunate to have had some time with Marie to chat with her about her upcoming SAAS NORTH session and attracting large, well-known clients on the path to grow globally.

Steve Neville, Trend Micro, On Why Startups Should Care About Regulation & Compliance

Steve breaks down compliance and regulations and shares with us why this needs to matter to startups.

Jamie Neuwirth, Head of Canada Growth at Stripe, on Growing Globally

We sat down with Jamie at Stripe to chat about what it means to expand globally.

Dax Dasilva, CEO of Lightspeed, on Culture, Creativity & Collaboration

We sat down with Dax at StartupFest in Montreal to chat with him about Lightspeed and more.

Female Founders & Funders: Ruth Casselman, COO and Co-Founder of Alert Labs, On What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur

"Starting a business isn’t easy and every step will require effort but sometimes, you just need to take the leap."

Six SaaS Marketing Questions with Shopify Plus’ Head of Marketing, Hana Abaza

We sat down with Hana Abaza, Shopify Plus, for a rapid-fire interview on SaaS marketing, demand gen and B2B strategies.

Female Founders & Funders: Laura Curk of Hockeystick on Funding for Female Entrepreneurs

Paul Teshima on AI: Challenges and Opportunities in Canada

The CEO of has a lot to say about AI, machine learning and the impact it will have on Canadian tech

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