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Female Founders & Funders: Jamie Petten on Why We Need Champions & Advocates Early On in Our Careers

L-SPARK's own Director of Marketing shares her insights on what needs to change in the tech community to support more female founders

Female Founders & Funders: Jodi Kovitz of #MoveTheDial

Jodi Kovitz shares her thoughts and insights on how we #MoveTheDial today and every day

List of Canadian Female Founders and Funders

Help us build the largest database of Canadian female founders and funders

Female Founders & Funders: Invest Ottawa’s Sonya Shorey & Kara Eusebio on Why Women Need Community (Part 1)

Two of the incredible women from Invest Ottawa and Bayview Yards share their thoughts on why we all need to work together

Female Founders & Funders: Four Women from Four Canadian VC Firms on How We Level the Playing Field

Hear insights from four incredible women from ScaleUp Ventures, Espresso Capital, OMERS Ventures and Information Venture Partners

Female Founders & Funders: Lindy Ledohowski on the Impact of Women & Girls in the Workplace

Lindy Ledohowski, CEO of EssayJack, one of L-SPARK's portfolio companies, shares her thoughts on the future of women in the workplace

Closing the Investment Gap for Women :: Erin Bury Shares Her Advice

The Managing Director of eighty-eight, Erin Bury, shares her advice on how we get more women interested in investing

Female Founders & Funders: Joanne Chen, Partner at Foundation Capital

Joanne shares her insights on AI and how we encourage more women to get into tech

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